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What’s Easier: Saying Hail Merry Or Eating Raw?

(Actually, you can say and have it, too!)

RECAP: Susan O’Brien had it all in her life. Except, she wanted to share her raw cooking abilities with the world. She is the creator of the Hail Merry Hypothesis.

In this part of my interview with Susan, she shares her “aha” and “no-no” moments she encountered on her way of building her own venture of healthy eating by a working mom.

CelebrateWoman (CW) Is there anything that was a surprise to you that you did not expect on your way creating Hail Merry products?

Susan O’Brien (Susan) OMG yes!  IT is the hardest job ever. Starting your own business is a 24/7 job. I work everyday!  Ignorance is bliss. Had I known this was going to be so hard, it probably would have scared me away. My previous life has definitely been highjacked. It is a good thing I am having a blast.

CW How do you see Hail Merry will effect your life in the future?

Susan Now that I have partners to help me, I can focus on the aspects of the business I love most which is meeting with our customers and retailers. Promoting the brand is really fun. Going to yoga events is actually part of my job description!

CW What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about your Hail Merry products?

Susan That when enjoyed in reasonable amounts and on consistent basis, they will actually begin to heal the body.

CW If we talked to All of your family and friends – imagine them in one room at the same time – what would you tell them about what you do? – What would they tell Me about your involvement with your company?

Susan Well, if you are part of my inner circle of friends and family, you pretty much know what I do since I am all consumed. They would probably tell you I work all the time.

CW What keeps you going day after day?

Susan The opportunity to create a national brand that can inspire a paradigm shift in the way America perceives and eats snack foods.

CW How do you celebrate: your achievements; mistakes and miscalculations; and even failures?

Susan Everyday is a celebration for me! I am grateful to the bone for my husband, kids, business partners, Hail Merry employees, friends and good health.

CW After a long day, when you close your eyes and reflect on the day, just before you go to sleep, what goes through your heart and mind?

Susan I always say a prayer thanking God for my life. I think about each of my children – where they are and if they are sleeping yet. There is always business on my mind. That goes without saying.

Susan is so busy that she has to schedule her time with her beautiful children, giving them what they need during the busiest times of Hail Merry. She is constantly involved in building something truly amazing, healthy, inspiring. She is always on the go with her headset ringing nonstop.

Never the less, Susan enjoys sharing healthy eating habits and recipes with her girls.

Here’s one for you to make and enjoy. Celebrate healthy eating recipes with us.

Hail Merry Macademia Dip Veggie Sandwich

2 slices toasted Udi’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread
1-2 tablespoons Hail Merry Red Pepper Macademia Dip
4-5 thinly sliced cucumbers
Small handful of Microgreens

Spread red pepper macademia dip on your toasted bread slices
Arrange cucumber slices on one side
Top the cucumber with microgreens
Place the second toasted bread slice on your creation

Definition of Microgreens (Thank you,!)
Microgreens are tender and tangy lettuce and mustard greens that are chopped off young, usually when they are only an inch or so high at the most and barely a few weeks old. They’re smaller and younger than baby greens, which tend to be harvested later when the plants have grown a good three inches tall or more.

Susan, you’re a moving, genius machine with the heart full of love and care. Not only for yourself and your loved ones, but for anybody who truly seeks alternatives to unhealthy eating and living.

Celebrate Susan O’Brien of Hail Merry Today!

What’s Next: In Susan’s own words what Hail Merry products are all about. Stay tuned.

PS: If you have any questions to Susan O’Brien, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.
PPS: If you know a woman-entrepreneur who has created healthy product(s), please let me know, so we could spread the word about her and her contribution to this planet.

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