About Me

I started this blog for many reasons. Supporting my hugely overweight neighbor in her weight loss process was one of the many. Coming from a family of weight-gainers, weight loss is my passion, as well as my career. I love to see the stories unfold of people that have found new passion in their life when they lost the excess weight that had been restricting them.

If any of this information helps you, please share it.

A lot of things about me are simple. Love whole foods, fruit, veggies, truly enjoy raw recipes and making up my own recipes. Always in search of something new and deliciously nutritious. My passion is food and skin care formulation (if you’d like a sample of lotion or toner without chemicals, email me).

Active lifestyle is my second me. There is nothing like the joy of challenging physical exertion to lift my spirit and enliven my soul. Working out and sweating out all the toxins are my powerful motivators for a healthier life.

Going to school and studying children’s education (M.Edu.) and business (M.B.A.) has given me a wide perspective on life. Now, I have a child of my own and put the best effort into raising him healthy and active.

Back a few years, I made a conscious decision to live a greener lifestyle. With that came a search for healthy green and eco-conscious products. Realizing that such products are not in the regular neighborhood store, I decided to find such products and bring the awareness of them to the others.

With such imperative quest for sustainable, green, organic, I discovered a world of women who dedicated their lives to creating, developing, and introducing such products to this world. Exceptionally difficult task to compete with all the big brands that have millions of marketing dollars behind each product category.

My mission took a new twist. I am seeking all those powerful women who develop and bring new eco-friendly products to the market to enhance your and my lives. Their stories are fascinating. Their efforts are marvelously remarkable. Their products are worthy to be discovered and brought forward to everyone to see, to try, to live by.

That is why my blog is dedicated to profiling such women with amazing products. For such people inspire us. Feed us with energy we need to go through any task, no matter the difficulty.

Be my guest and enjoy, and be inspired, and live a prolific life, share your celebrations with us all.

My special thanks go to my 4-year-old son who is an inspiration for me to stay creative. My husband supports me in all of my endeavors. To my friends and family, and all readers of this blog I am eternally thankful.

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PS: If you know of a woman-entrepreneur with healthy product(s) she created and developed, please let me know, so we could spread a word about her and her contribution to this planet.