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Hail Merry Never Felt That Sweet!

RECAP: Susan O’Brien, a RAW woman entrepreneur, shared her dreams and tribulations, and encouragement she’s been receiving on her way to create a healthy raw alternative to everyday snacks.

Today, Susan opens up about her healthy living foods – snacks – the products that can make a huge difference in your and my health.
CelebrateWoman (CW) Here are some questions for you about your product that my readers are truly interested in and talk about on their networks. All of them do care about the health of their families, kids especially. My women-readers do look actively for healthy, non-toxic, green, sustainable products on the market to incorporate them into their daily life, rather than once-a-month-type-of-thing occurrence.

Who is the primary target for Hail Merry products?

Susan O’Brien (Susan) People who seek higher health and great tasting food.

CW What is the #1 reason someone should buy your Hail Merry products?

Susan To heal their bodies.

CW How are Hail Merry products different than your #1 competitor?

Susan They actually taste great.  We work hard to break through the misconception that Raw foods taste bad.

CW What benefits will a person receive when using Hail Merry products regularly?

Susan Improved cholesterol profile, increased metabolism, glowing skin and more energy!

CW How does the price of Hail Merry products compare to others in your category?

Susan Better! We aspire to be the low cost producer of raw gluten free snacks.

CW Everyone is talking these days about being green. To me, that includes being Fair Trade, being sustainable, and organic. It might even include using alternative energy, or buying energy offsets. How does your company, your product, measure-up on these important issues?

Susan It is constantly on my mind. We evaluate our suppliers based on many different criteria all the while wanting to offer affordable healthy foods. A lot of our suppliers provide us organic raw ingredients but they are not certified because they don’t pay the hefty certification fees. Instead they offer the same quality products at a reduced price.

We like to combine our raw ingredients to include certified and non certified organic ingredients so that our prices are accessible to everyone. Our products are a lot more organic than we are able to claim. We cant take credit for these organic ingredients. But in my soul I know I am doing good to offer an outstanding product at the best possible price.

CW Where can my readers find Hail Merry products to buy?

Susan Whole Foods Markets or our online store. Check our website www.hailmerry.com for a full listing of our retailers.
Susan is a dedicated enthusiast of raw and delicious. These two words go hand-in-hand not only in her vocabulary, but also in all of her amazingly tasty raw Hail Merry products. You just may guess that when we eat raw, we get more nutrients as they're intended to be by Mother Nature.

As for the personal note, I love raw. Half of my days are dedicated only to raw foods in my house. Yes, I still love to cook. But this is a topic for a different time.

What's Next: How does Susan manages to stay fit and trip. Her personal motivation tips are next.

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