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9 Times Bottoms Up – For Your Own Health

When it comes to my health, I research things. Not just trying to find an article or press release on the subject of interest. By researching, I taste, I wear, I go through medical publications and clinical studies, if there are any. That’s my research.

Coming from a culture where kombucha or “kvas” is a national drink for anybody who can hold a mug or a glass, I was skeptical to find out that kombucha (fermented green tea) could be drunk multiple times – to be precise nine – and it would never taste the same.

What am I talking about? Read this:

Blood Orange
Kombucha as is

What a beautiful, vibrant resonance these yummy words give!

Eat Drink For Healthy Living

I got inspired. And yes, I was still a bit skeptical how these multiple flavors could contribute to the true nature of kombucha I used to know all my life. It called for an experiment.

Bringing nine bottles from the store, cooling them off in the fridge, and lining them up on the kitchen table for my personal degustation was easy. What I didn’t expect was that from that moment on, it would be rather difficult to live without Kombucha with a bright name Vibranz [vai-brans].

The taste of each Vibranz flavor was something to think about. To pause. To really taste the notes of the flavor that was dominant in the name and in the drink itself. I can testify that this test threw me off guard. I was truly touched (yes, deep in the soul) by the labor of love that had gone into each bottle of Vibranz.

Eating is a mindful experience. And Vibranz Kombucha just makes it even more personal and inspiring.

The CelebrateWoman inside of me took initiative to research the company and its owners. And guess what? One of the founders of this flavorful drink was a Woman, Kathy Taylor.

The rest was history. Kathy Taylor is here with us, in spirit and with her truth how she got to be part of this magnificently tasting drink.

Healthy Living In a Bottle

CelebrateWoman (CW) Who is the primary target for Vibranz Kombucha?

Kathy Taylor (Kathy) Our target is women. Predominently those who are into a new healthy lifestyle and new consciousness. Women who get excited not only with the health benefits of a new product, but also who pay attention to the sensuousness and inspiration of each drop of food or drink they put into their bodies.

Such women are great recommenders of a new product to their husbands, friends, family. And even strangers.

And we always are so excited when the product sells due to its word-of-mouth campaign, rather than due to other means of marketing.

CW What is the #1 reason someone should buy your Vibranz Kombucha?

Kathy The Number 1 reason to enjoy this drink is that it is probiotic, meaning it restores good bacteria – gut flora – for the intestines to function normally and healthily. But this is not the only reason why we should make kombucha our every day drink.

Another benefit of drinking kombucha is liver detoxification, thanks to glucosonic acid that occurs naturally in kombucha and is acidity regulator.s

CW How is Vibranz Kombucha different than your #1 competitor?

Kathy Our brand differentiation in the market is the Flavor. Kombucha does not need to be boring and one-sided with one regular flavor! That is why we decided to be different based on the rich flavor ensemble we have created for our customers.

CW What benefits will a person receive when using Vibranz Kombucha regularly?

Kathy In a few words, Vibranz Kombucha will do several things for your body that will change your outlook on the whole health issue.

Vibranz Kombucha will:
• Cleanse your liver
• Balance your good gut flora
• Boost your energy levels

And, it will definitely bring a moment of jubilation and deep enjoyment when you are drinking it. Enjoy it!

CW How does the price of Vibranz Kombucha compare to others in your category?

Kathy Our prices are very comparable to any kombucha in the market.

CW Everyone is talking these days about being green. To me, that includes being Fair Trade, being sustainable, and organic. It might even include using alternative energy, or buying energy offsets. How does your company, your product, measure-up on these important issues?

Kathy We at Vibranz are committed to having the smallest carbon footprint possible.
We use packing materials like boxes made of 100% recycled paper; our “popcorn” is made of corn starch; our glass bottles are made from 30% recycled material and the glass is 100% recyclable; ice bags are made of biodegradable nontoxic gel.

In the office, we use print paper from the green source as well. Still, we are always looking into more ways to contribute to the green movement.

CW When someone reads the ingredients from the label on your product, what would you like them to notice?

Kathy We use evaporated cane sugar for our elixir. Sugar is the food for the fermentation bacteria.

To create kombucha with distinctive taste and health profile, we need to control carbonation. Over-fermentation causes alcohol levels that kills bacteria. Thus, the more carbonation, the less beneficial bacteria remain in the kombucha drink.

We carefully designed the process of creating and controlling the right amount of ingredients and their fermentation in the kombucha we make.

CW Does your product have any certifications, like organic?

Kathy Yes, Vibranz Kombucha uses USDA Organic certifications for its ingredients and production facilities.

CW Where can my readers find Vibranz Kombucha to buy it?

Kathy Please go to our website that gives all store locations throughout the USA.

CW Where can my readers go to learn more about Vibranz Kombucha and its products?

Kathy Our website offers information on Vibranz Kombucha, its history, flavors, benefits. Plus our blog, twitter, Facebook which are accessible from the main website, offer rich facts, feedback, places of Vibranz tasting parties.
I loved kombucha all my life. What Vibranz Kombucha contributed to my regular kombucha is its sophisticated Taste. Though ingredients they use are simple and natural, and very well known, the final product – Vibranz Kombucha leaves nothing to think about.

9 Times bottoms up was one of the most wonderful and mindful experiences I've ever had. My husband always laughs (with me) at what I do to find my healthy foods, drinks, cosmetic items for our everyday healthy living. Vibranz kombucha belongs in my pantry and the fridge. 

Thank you, Kathy Taylor and your phenomenal Team of experts and life lovers for creating and bringing Vibranz Kombucha into our neighborhood stores.

Eat, Drink For Healthy And Vibrant Living!

Bottoms Up... To Your Health!
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