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Weight Loss Motivation Tips by Business Woman Kathy Taylor, Vibranz

RECAP: Kathy Taylor is a co-founder of the fermented tea – Kombucha – company called Vibranz [‘vai brans]

As any business woman, Kathy is determined to stay in shape and in good health to move her life, and the company, forward big time.
Here’s what Kathy shared with me on the subject of her personal weight loss motivation every day of her life.
CelebrateWoman (CW) Have you had your own weight loss challenges along the way, especially when you started being intensely involved with Vibranz?

Kathy Taylor (Kathy) I’ve been an activist of healthy and active life style all my life. I’ve been enjoying biking and yoga for the past 25 years. And yes, I love good foods, but I always make low fat, living food (salads, fruit, veggies) choices all the time.

When I focus on big projects like Vibranz, I tend to skip meals and even exercise. But what gets me back on track is my clothes size. Once it’s a tight fit, I need to pay more attention to what I eat and what I do.

CW What is your #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

Kathy My #1 tip is my clothes size. Once I cannot freely fit Size 8 of my pants – time to take steps to quickly remedy this situation. And I start without waiting an extra day. I do it Now.

I always know I cannot deceive myself by camouflaging the situation by a bigger clothes size or not being physically active.

My #2 tip is Fall in love with fruit and vegetables. These are whole foods rich in fiber, phytonutrients, minerals. They sustain me and provide a great snack and side dish.

CW Any personal word for all my women readers who go through their weight loss and weight management issues?

Kathy I used to beat myself up by being inconsistent in my weight loss situations. You can reverse your situation of unhealthy weight! And you can start Now! That’s what I learned controlling my weight.

Even at my age, I am at the same weight when I was in my mid 20’s. This is something I truly appreciate and take care of: my health and healthy weight. I wouldn’t be able to run my business successfully and vibrantly if my weight were out of proportion with my needs and demands.
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