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From Clear Idea To A Fuzzi Business...

How Could This Young Mother Dare To Do This?
When you talk to this woman, attentive, soft, caring, one cannot stop wondering about her determination and immaculate sense of direction to lift this business from a clear idea to a huge success for fuzzi buns and their mothers.

It was tough. It was inspiring all the way to the top of the world.

But it started with an urgency to create an immediate relief for her infant son.

Here is the story of Tereson Dupuy, the creator of the very first – yes, The FIRST ever – FuzziBunz cloth diaper. The diaper that conquered the hearts and households of those moms who care about their babies and the planet Earth.

Tereson’s product innovation keeps marching and winning the share of mind of millions and millions of consumers.

Here’s a rare opportunity to be let inside Tereson’s life, both personal and business, to be energized for bigger and better things in our own daily lives.

CelebrateWoman (CW) What got you started on the path of developing FuzziBunz?

Tereson Dupuy (Tereson) This was truly a product of necessity. My baby had diaper rash, I was disgusted with the old fashioned cloth diapers that were on the market and they still did not fix the rash. 

So, I took my textiles experience from college and put that to work finding a current material that would stay dry next to my son's skin while letting urine through. 

I knew instantly that this was a big idea and I began marketing the product and developing it right way. The rest is pretty much history.

CW What was your life before you started this company ... and after ...?

Tereson My life was as a stay at home mom. I had worked in a social work type atmosphere until my baby was 18 months old. Then I chose to leave that  life and be a full time mommy. 

My life since inventing FuzziBunz has truly been a whirlwind. The product took off almost immediately, and it continued to grow and grow. 

Now life is far more stable and calm. My children are older at 15, 11 and 8, and my business is far more established. Now I spend my time looking for ways to make the company better and helping others grow their own businesses and simply enjoying my children and my life.

CW Who are those remarkable people that influenced your creative, professional, and personal life that lead you to starting and sustaining this company?

Tereson Well, my children and my drive to provide a great life for them were truly the driving force behind my will to succeed. 

There was always a bigger mission however, which was to bring what I felt was a great product to other parents and to make a difference in an industry that was ready for a change.

CW Has your involvement with your FuzziBunz products and company changed your self-image, and your relationships with family, friends, romantic involvement?

Tereson This is a very good question and the answer is yes and no.  My self image I can not say has changed, I am still the same person I was before I invented FuzziBunz. 

However, how people have related to me – especially in romantic situations – has been challenging. I tend to surround myself with a close circle of very good friends and close family.

CW If you had to do it all over again, would you? And why?

Tereson Absolutely.  I think there would be things I would do differently as they say hindsight is always twenty-twenty.  But yes, I would never think twice about doing it all over again.

CW Is there anything that was a surprise to you that you did not expect on your way creating your product?

Tereson I never thought FuzziBunz would be as successful as they are. And I never really thought that the cloth diaper industry would grow to the level that it has grown. But that is a very good thing.

CW How do you see your creation – FuzziBunz – will effect your life in the future?

Tereson No one can see into the future, but I would hope however that it will continue to grow. I will continue to bring new products to market under the FuzziBunz brand and continue to live a happy, free and a prosperous life.

CW What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about your FuzziBunz product?

Tereson Given the many many fleece pocket diapers that are on the market today, I would like people to recognize that I was the first to bring that concept to market and make way for everyone else to be successful with it. 

Fleece was never used in a cloth diapering product before FuzziBunz. Now it is in virtually every cloth diaper being made. I must have done something right there. 

So, while I appreciate a growing industry, I do like to be recognized for taking a chance with a different concept and taking all of the initial risks that were involved to educate the public that cloth diapers were cool again and worth giving a second look. 

I feel it is due to the hard work and pioneering that I did early on that so many are able to come up with a product and introduce it into a much more ready-to-listen public.

CW If we talked to All of your family and friends – imagine them in one room at the same time – what would you tell them about what you do? – What would they tell Me about your involvement with your company?

Tereson Well, my family and friends all know what I do. But if I had to say one thing is that it is not as easy as I make it look!  I don't get stressed out about much anymore, I just do what needs to be done. 

They would tell you that I treat my company like a fourth child and care deeply about every employee, retailer and customer that we have and try to do my utmost to make them happy.

CW What keeps you going day after day?

Tereson What keeps me going is the excitement that my life, career and children bring to me.  Every day is an adventure, and I always look for new ways to make life interesting.

CW How do you celebrate: your achievements; mistakes and miscalculations; and even failures?

Tereson I appreciate that every experience, whether good or bad, is a learning opportunity.  I don't believe in failure, only opportunities gained.

Now I am using my experiences, both good and bad, to help others hopefully not run into some of the same pitfalls I have. So it has all been worth it.

CW After a long day, when you close your eyes and reflect on the day, just before you go to sleep, what goes through your heart and mind?

Tereson Knowing that I did something good that day. I know that I have been a great mom, and that my children are proud of me.
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