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What Kind of Diaper is The Best for Your Baby? How To Find Out.

Recap: Did you know that the first cloth pocket diaper was invented by one creative mom? Do you know her name?

If your child is one of the million users of FuzziBunz, then Tereson Dupuy’s name is written on it.

Being a mom with a child who has an exceptionally sensitive skin, she took up this formidable task to bring relief to her son. That’s how FuzziBunz began its journey to millions of homes around the globe.
CelebrateWoman (CW) Who is the primary target for FuzziBunz?

Tereson Dupuy (Tereson) Any baby wearing diapers.  Moms tend to be educated, trendy, cost and environmentally conscious and willing to do what it takes to do the best thing for their baby.

CW What is the #1 reason someone should buy FuzziBunz?

Tereson Because it is healthier for their baby due to the lack of chemicals and comfort of keeping a baby dry.  But it is hard to choose just one reason why someone should buy FuzziBunz.

CW How is FuzziBunz different than your #1 competitor?
Tereson FuzziBunz are uniquely created with every aspect of the product having a purpose.  Being the first on the market with the fleece pocket diaper, I took everything into consideration including where the pocket was located, how the snaps were configured, elastic placement, type of fleece etc.  If there was a better way I probably would have found it and implemented that. I took no shortcuts. 

Those that have followed typically changed something on our design to avoid patent infringement, not necessarily because the change works any better.  We also have one of the highest quality products on the market regarding materials and workmanship.

CW What benefits will a person receive when using FuzziBunz regularly?

Tereson The biggest benefit to regular / full time FuzziBunz use is keeping diaper rash at bay. Keeping babies away from chemicals and dryer longer is key to diaper rash prevention. 

CW How does the price of FuzziBunz compare to others in your category?

Tereson There are diapers that are priced higher and those that are priced lower.  We feel that due to the very high quality of materials that we put into our product and the care in which it is constructed the price is perfectly reflective of a high quality product. 

The old adage is true when it comes to even a diaper – you get what you pay for.

CW Everyone is talking these days about being green. To me, that includes being Fair Trade, being sustainable, and organic. It might even include using alternative energy, or buying energy offsets. How does your company, your product, measure-up on these important issues?

Tereson The sheer fact that it is reusable has always been a green contribution.  However, since it is made from polyester it lasts so much longer than the cotton counterparts putting much less strain on the environment in manufacturing. 

We have researched many alternative fabrics, including "recycled pop bottle" fleece in our efforts to make the product even greener.  However, after concluding that the recycled fleece actually causes more pollutants in the recycling and manufacturing of that product, we opted to stay with the clean process of virgin fleece. 

We are always on the look out for new ways to be clean and green and we will continue to hold to that commitment.

CW When someone looks at your product packaging, what do you want them to see?

Tereson High quality, progressive, a solution product that they will feel good about.

CW Where can my readers find FuzziBunz products to buy them?

Tereson They can find FuzziBunz products by either visiting and searching for retailers near them or they can visit for a complete selection of our products.

CW Where can my readers go to learn more about FuzziBunz?

Tereson All of the information that they need to know is located at, and our in house customer service department is always there to help them by answering questions if they need further information.

CW Tereson, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to connect, to learn from you, and be inspired. You are an incredible person. And I am truly joyful I have met you.

Tereson You are very welcome, I appreciate the opportunity to share a part of myself and my company with your readers.
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