Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enter, Enter, Enter to Win Campaigns

Celebrate Woman Today has galore of giveaways and cash campaigns that are really neat. If you don't enter, you won't ever win. What do we do? We enter giveaways!

Pick and choose which ones you like the most.

Take a look at all of them and see how many entries they have. Some are really at the low level. And if you enter and do many entries, you'll get a better chance to win them, too.

Just sending you this memo with a list of these great giveaways. I love the products, otherwise I would never have brought them to your door step.

Please remember, I indulge into everything eco friendly and green. My wish is for every one to lead a life free of chemicals, pesticides, sedentary lifestyle, anger or fear.

Sending you LOVE. Valentine's Day is nearing.

Common, enjoy these giveaways. Luck your way, I am sending.

• $50 PayPal Frenzy, US and Canada (2/29)

• $60 PayPal Cash Prize – Leap For Cash, US & Canada (2/25)

• Zipz Shoes, $60 Value, US only (2/19)

• ila Personal Alarm, US only (2/17)

• Gourmet Salts + Epsom Salt Collection, $40 Value, US only (2/15)

• $160 PayPal or ~ Love Is In The Air, US only (2/14)