Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rafflecopter Gives Away iPad 2 And Kindle Fire~ Jan 9-Feb 9, 2011

 Rafllecopter Giveaway Bonanza: 
You Could Win iPad 2 or Kindle Fire!
This NoName Mascot Needs the Name!
Today, January 9, 2012, we officially celebrate the Birth of our so loved baby named Rafflecopter!

Yes, it's been nine (9) long months of its development and growth. And today, it is officially with us all bloggers!

To celebrate this milestone – the birth of Rafflecopter – The Team throws a Party for all who'd like to participate! And yes, anybody has a chance to win iPad 2 or Kindle Fire.

Rafflecopter is a great invention of this day! So easy to use. So easy to handle all giveaways. It is a Win-Win for both who enter a giveaway, and those who offer them.

Why Celebrate Woman Loves Baby Rafflecopter:
  • Easy to enter, easy to make a choice of which entries to use
  • Stores all info about those who enter a giveaway
  • Easy to notify a winner by using an email left by the winner

Entering This Rafflecopter Giveaway:

1. Suggest Mascot Name – See that Smiley Face on top of this post? This is the Mascot with NoName yet – After this giveaway is over, the best-liked name will be up for votes on Facebook. And one winner will be immortalized in the history of the Rafflecopter creation! It may be you.

2. Name Your Referral – When entering this giveaway from any blog, please tell them that Celebrate Woman referred you!  Thank you, my dear readers. Let's go and join in this amazing Celebration!

a Rafflecopter giveaway