Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ila Alarm Does It With Style And Sound ~ Review & Giveaway 2/17

ila Alarms
ila Pebble Alarm
What a smarty mechanism to carry with you for your personal protection! This little stone-like bright charm – hence the name is “pebble” – wouldn’t be so charming to the ear of an offender.

Hidden inside this device is a built-in high-pitch alarm sound. Once activated by one touch of the button, the sound will be on for about 8 minutes. Any noise is a good alarm to indicate that something’s going on, and going wrong. People do pay attention to unusual and out-of-their-comfort-zone sounds.

All Ila Alarm devices have been designed with You in mind. They are stylish and are camouflaged as a personal accessory item.

Why we give the ila Alarm Team a High-Five? Take this from us:
  • Great for keys
  • Smooth modern designs
  • Very easy activation
  • Long-lasting battery (3 years if never used)
ila Dusk Personal Alarm, $24.99
ila Dusk Alarm
This ila Dusk Personal Alarm has been designed to be displayed as a fashion accessory as well. Clip it to your purse or bag, and you are ready to go and have some backup, if needed.

An amazing characteristic of this alarm model is a 130Db female-like scream. Backed up by research that people react to this pitch, makes this beautiful accessory into a good protector of yours when needed.

Why Celebrate Woman gives the ila Dusk Personal Alarm high reviews?
  • This alarm is great for any handbag
  • Displayed as a charm
  • Quickly activated by one pull of a string
  • Long-lasting battery (3 years if never used)

Would you like to test one of the alarms for yourself? I did, and the sound was piercing. But that’s the whole point of the product: Nice and calm outside, and obnoxious when activated! It performs to its specs and fulfills the promise.

The ila Alarm Team has offered you their free product for your safety and protection. Go ahead and enter this Rafflecopter if you wish to win.

Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received products from the ila Alarm Company to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.

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