Saturday, January 28, 2012

Momo’s Piggery Offers Adoptions of Piggerians ~ Review & Giveaway 2/14

Adoptions. Whether it’s a human or animal adoption, both are deserving and bring so much needed love and care to all sides and parities involved in this generous process.

What’s needed in this exclusive and complicated subject is ample education and support of the infrastructure that helps to amplify understanding of adoptions and their fulfillment.

For the past decade, I have met dozens of people who adopted kids, great danes, Italian grey hounds, cats of all sort of “walks of life.” Personally, I have adopted two Cornish Rexes: Zizi and Roma.

Zizi was saved from the abusive environment that did not allow him to move and develop properly in a sense that he knew he’s a CAT, not a bird or a fish or else. When I picked him up 300 miles away, he was a silly obese, bald cat who didn’t know where he was.
Zizi on Top of the World
In the past six years, he’s developed into such impressive character that he is true Cornish with a happy home to live in.

Roma, my other adopted rexy, was saved from physical abuse that took place daily. It took us almost the whole year of love and care, and encouragement for Roma at last open up and start showing, and then showering us with his love. It’s incredibly touchy.
Roma, the Cornish Rex
Today, Roma is one of the most loving, allowing, trusting cats I’ve ever seen.

Just recently, I was introduced to a woman who saves guinea pigs. Her name is Monica Hsieh. Look at this gallery of her gorgeous piggies!

This is Monica's Rescued Guineas! Let me present to you MOMO’s Piggery!

Check out how active those piggies are when they have a lot of room to run and interact! Cute, what else can you say?!! No wonder, Momo’s Piggery has won MUST HAVE CUTE title twice!

Momo’s Piggery made it her mission to encourage adoption verses breeding or buying. There’s nothing wrong with the latter. But imagine how much suffering we will alleviate with our generous gift of adopting any animal who truly needs it.

Momo’s Piggery dedicates her marketing efforts to promote such adoptions on the daily basis. Momo is so creative with her bead and clay creatures that carry a loud message of Adoption that I salute this woman!

Visit  Momo’s entire piggery and pick your favorite one, if you can! Each Piggerian is made with love and comes with a Certificate of Adoption, Name, Story, and Need to have a loving place to call home.
Adopted Piggerian with Adoption Certificate
Momo’s Piggery would send one reader of Celebrate Woman Today a Piggerian from her adoption store!
Momo's Piggery Bracelet
Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received products from Mom’s Piggery to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.

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