Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy Choices in Children's Craft ("Edible" if swallowed accidentally by your children)

Wanna Get Groovy? Get Involved with Clementine Art Movement!

Incorporating craft projects and free thinking spirit into a child's play is of utmost importance that a child caretaker could do. Why? Simply put, a child is given opportunities to unravel all the genius of their existence and experience happiness and joy in the moment. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of a loving parent?

Providing healthy choices for a child’s soul to express themselves as a child celebrates creative times – that's what Diana Mercer with her Clementine Art movement does so perfectly.

Here’s just one of many fun projects that can make your child, and you, reflect who they really are.

• Salad Spinner (often available at yard sales for pennies)
• Squeeze bottles (Reuse your agave, mustard or honey bottles)
• Paint (try Clementine all-natural paint)
• Heavyweight paper or card stock squares

Put the paper in the salad spinner and drip, drop and squeeze paint on top. You may want to limit your colors to 2 or 3 for a more interesting result, but don't take my word for it. Try it yourself.

After the paint is to your liking, put the cover on the salad spinner and spin away! Be sure the spinner has come to a full stop before you open it to prevent pinched fingers.

 What do you do with all that collections of spin art? Turn them into framed art, greeting cards, family album decoration pieces. Or just simply collect in you child’s treasure box of saved masterpieces.

Imagine your child’s eyes shine and sparkle as they share their genius of their soul with you. And the rest of the world. Doesn’t it sound and look like fun?

Celebrate Clementine Art Today. With Your Child.

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