Thursday, May 20, 2010

Edible Art Supplies... Part II

(Please DO NOT eat them on purpose. But Clementine products are 100% non-toxic, just in case your kids accidentally swallow them.)

So, where did Diana end up with her idea of creating edible non-toxic art supplies? Immersed in  her kitchen testing, and testing, and testing. Endlessly.

CelebrateWoman (CW) Is there anything that was a surprise to you that you did not expect on your way creating Clementine Art?
Diana Mercer (Diana) I had no idea how challenging it would be to make an all-natural art product. Finding stable, workable alternatives to synthetic dyes, preservatives, and other chemical additives has pushed me to put on my chemist’s hat – not one I usually wear.

Even now, the challenge has the incredibly well-trained scientists we are working with scrambling as well. It is so important for a natural product to work as well, or better than the conventional alternative. We’ve finally gotten there, but it has not been easy. And there are more products to make!

CW. How do you see your creation – Clementine Art – will affect your life in the future?
Diana. My hope is that Clementine will provide me with a platform to do what I love; encourage children to grow and learn through art. I can’t imagine anything better than that.

CW.  What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about Clementine Art product?
Diana. Clementine is different because we hold ourselves to a higher standard; Natural AND non-toxic. Honesty, disclosure and transparency is very important to us, so we list all of our ingredients are right on the box.
The more we talked, the more fascinated I was with accomplishments of this definitely unordinary woman. There was no ending to my curiosities about this phenomenon, Diana Mercer. How does she juggle all her priorities and still be success?

Why is she and her Clementine Art are so popular throughout the hemispheres?

Why everybody needs and ought to become part of the Clementine Art movement?

CW. If we talked to All of your family and friends – imagine them in one room at the same time – what would you tell them about what you do? – What would they tell Me about your involvement with your company?
Diana. I would paraphrase Sir Ken Robinson, a British scholar and activist for arts education by reminding all of my family and friends that our world is complex. The challenges we face; disease, famine, Global Warming, war, and poverty are just a few of the issues on our global plate. These issues can’t solve themselves and will require a great deal of ingenuity and creativity to tackle.

Currently, our students are being trained in the art of ‘one right answer’ in educational climates that don’t have the time, room, or resources to teach creativity. Creativity needs to be taught with the same urgency that reading, writing and math is taught in schools. Our future depends on it.

They would tell you that I am a passionate, talkative, and enthusiastic supporter of arts education for children.

CW. What keeps you going day after day?
Diana. I love my job and my life. It’s not hard to keep going when that’s the case. I work with fun people, and have inspiring friends. When I get discouraged, my yoga and meditation practice helps a lot.

CW. How do you celebrate: your achievements; mistakes and miscalculations; and even failures?
Diana. Oh gosh. I wish I were better at taking the time to celebrate the small triumphs along the way. We often get caught up in what’s next around here, so there’s not much time to pat ourselves on the back.

That said, I would like to spend more time soaking in the fullness of what we have accomplished. Learning to celebrate my failures is the hardest one of all.

As a recovering perfectionist, it does not come easy for me. I do try to laugh at my mistakes. What else can you do?

CW. After a long day, when you close your eyes and reflect on the day, just before you go to sleep, what goes through your heart and mind?
Diana. I have a ritual for that. Each night I reflect on all the things I am grateful for. On a hard day, it might just be my comfy bed and my cat, but most days, I am bursting with gratitude for all that I have; many, many blessings.
Thank you, Diana, for this exquisite time learning about you and your dedication to bring the best of health and creativity into the lives or our children.

It is truly extraordinary to be able to eat our art supplies (if that happens ever) and continue to feel great and healthy. (Make sure these supplies are of the Clementine origin!)

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