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What It Takes to Create Edible Non Toxic Art Supplies

("Edible" emphasizes the 100% natural ingredients in all of Clementine Art products. Don't eat them on purpose.)
My readers – All of them – do care about the health of their families, kids especially.

They look actively for healthy, non-toxic, green, sustainable products on the market to incorporate them into their daily life, rather than once-a-month-type-of-thing occurrence.

Diana's creation of non-toxic, edible, fun Clementine Art supplies would definitely contribute to the collection of creative toys in any house, studio, school.

The truth of the product, its ingredients, packaging are revealed here.

Q. Who is the primary target for your product?

A. Mothers (and fathers) who are interested in a ‘better’ product for their child.

Q. What is the #1 reason someone should buy Clementine Art?
A. Because it is natural, non-toxic and supports the development of creativity, with regular use.

Q. How is your Clementine Art product different than your #1 competitor?
A. Our products are simple, wholesome and all natural. The art materials are high quality, long lasting, vibrant and unique. We are the only company to make all natural art materials.
Q. What benefits will kids receive when using Clementine Art?
A. Children who engage in art explorations grow in so many ways; they learn to think outside the box using problem solving, divergent thinking, and innovation.

They learn creativity by creating something new. They learn self-expression and confidence by sharing what they have to say.

Finally, they are learning all of this using natural, safe, and clean products that are better for their health and the health of the environment.

Q. How does the price of your product compare to others in your category?
A. Everyone knows that natural products come at a premium, so just as you would expect to pay a bit more for organic milk if organics are important to you, Clementine products cost a bit more. Even so, for the cost of a latte, you can have a better product for your children.

Q. Everyone is talking these days about being green. To me, that includes being Fair Trade, being sustainable, and organic. It might even include using alternative energy, or buying energy offsets. How does your company, your product, measure-up on these important issues?
A.  Clementine Art is committed to the health of the environment. Our packaging is made from 80% recycled materials in a wind powered facility using soy ink.

In addition, we manufacture all of our products in the US, eliminating carbon emissions from international imports.

We recently moved our offices to downtown Boulder, and nearly all of us commute by bicycle. On our bikes, we’ve saved 12,500 miles in driving this year – the equivalent of driving a car halfway around the world!

Q. When someone reads the ingredients from the label on Clementine Art, what would you like them to notice?
A. We would like them to notice that there ARE ingredients on the label. No other art company holds themselves to this standard and I don’t know why.

When you do read the ingredients, I’d like you to notice how many of them can be found in your kitchen; flour, salt, turmeric, spinach, oil, etc... Simple ingredients; the same ones you’d use to make modeling dough if you had the time
That's what my kid needs: yummy, pliable, fun art tools. My mind was going million miles a second when I started to imagine endless benefits to kids and parents. Every mom and dad needs to know about Clementine!

Q. When someone looks at the Clementine Art’s packaging, what do you want them to see (e.g., warnings, benefits, etc.)?
A. Clementine’s packaging is unique. It is simple, clean and pared down – missing any cartoon characters or other chaotic messaging that is frequently found on children’s toys. We would like people to notice the product itself, and the invitation to create – a blank white surface, like a canvas.

Q. Is it Certified: Organic, Kosher, or Halal, or have any other special dietary certifications?
A. Since our products are not for consumption, we have not certified them according to dietary requirements. That said, most of the ingredients on the package are used in natural foods and meet the rigorous standards of natural products vendors like Whole Foods Market.

Q. Where can my readers find your Clementine Art product to buy it?
A. Visit our website for a list of retailers. Or look at your local Whole Foods Market or Starbucks coffee.

Q. Where can my readers go to learn more about Clementine Art?
A. There is lots more information on and on our blog
Diana, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to connect, to learn from you, and be inspired. You are an incredible person with constructive power to create, and share, and experience joy in this process. And I am truly joyful I have met you.

So, my dear women, check out this incredible art supply source! Buy it, give it to your kids and relatives with kids. Enjoy your worry-free time when they are busy painting, moulding, drawing.

Celebrate Your Creative Kids.

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