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Rebecca Buscemi on What Women Entrepreneurs Know About Healthy Living

Guest Blog by Rebecca Buscemi of The Savvy Womens Business Solution
Rebecca Buscemi, The Savvy Womens Business Solution
WHO: Rebecca Buscemi, Owner
WHERE: The Savvy Womens Business Solution
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When first approached to be a guest blogger for Celebrate Women Today on healthy living I giggled. I thought, “Me? Healthy?”  I thought about many of my past Facebook posts regarding my lack of exercising and my fantastic eating habits (buffalo chicken dip, copious amounts of PEZ and lately Cadbury Creme eggs). But then I started to think about health in other ways. It’s not just about fruits and veggies and exercise, now is it?

Of course not! So here is my personal list of what this woman entrepreneur knows about healthy living.

Support: Thank goodness for my online networking mom and women entrepreneurs. Only these ladies truly understand the daily shenanigans of what it’s like to be ‘one of us.’ Balancing a home, a family, and a business under one roof is not easy. I look to these ladies for advice, virtual hugs and empathy.

There is no way I could manage my business without real, in-person support. Aside from my husband, family and friends, there is one particular person that keeps me mentally sane and it’s my nanny. Our nanny has been with us a little over a year and has been one the best things that has ever happened to my business.

My very wise business coach, Lara Galloway told me at the end of 2009 when my business was starting to take off that there was no way I could be the sole care-giver for my children on my work days. Boy was she right. My children and I have a much healthier relationship because when I’m working, they are in great hands. And I no longer feel like the worst mommy in the world because I have my third child in my lap (my laptop.)

Systems & Technology: This one is still a work in progress for me. I’m not very good with organization; but I know that my children and family functions so much better when there is structure in their lives. And for me, being the tech-geek that I am, the best way to create systems for me is through the use of technology.

Here is a quick rundown of a few of my favorites:
• - Finances
• Google - Email, documents, calendar
• TungleMe - For clients and potential clients to schedule time with me according to my calendar and office hours
• - Management of my household items on a schedule of when I need the items and they get delivered to me!
• And of course, my iPhone with all of my lovely apps. My very own personal assistant.

Water: One thing that I know has made an impact on me feeling more alive throughout my day is drinking water. I’m a huge fan of coffee; I knew there was no way that I could give it up, but I have lessened my intake to make room for more water. To give my water a little more flavor I love to add True Lime to a bottle. And on days where I’m really dragging, I drink coconut water.

Rest & Relaxation:  I finally learned that I can’t run 24 hours a day. I need at least 7 hours of sleep and mini-breaks throughout my day. Some times those breaks are reading a chapter of a book, chatting on the phone with a friend, cuddling on the sofa with the kids during an episode or two with the kids or a glass of wine and some sushi with a good friend. We all need a break and we all need sleep.

A Sense of Humor and Letting Things Go: Being able to laugh at my mistakes, things the kids are doing and what life gives me is quite a gift and I’m so happy that it’s one that I possess. Life is too short to hold on to habits, people and problems that bring you down. Having a positive outlook on my life and what’s handed to me is the only way I’ll make it out alive!

PS: If you have any questions to Rebecca Buscemi, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.

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