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The Secret Is Inside the Kitchen Cupboard

Recap: Julianna Shaw starts her own business due to her passion for everything "green" and eco-frriendly. What's ahead of her entrepreneurial spirit? Check this out.

CelebrateWoman (CW) Is there anything that was a surprise to you that you did not expect on your way creating ZoLi?

Julianna Shaw (Julianna) My husband and many of my friends are entrepreneurs, so I thought I was prepared for it being all-consuming. However, knowing it and experiencing it has been very different.

I have also been truly surprised by how helpful people have been in this industry. They have been extremely patient as I learned the ropes, shared invaluable information, so willing to help me grow and have been just so nice.

CW How do you see ZoLi will affect your life in the future?

Julianna ZoLi is my first foray as an entrepreneur and it definitely has made a huge impact on my life.

I’ve learned so much starting this business and have acquired new skills which I will continue to build upon. As the business matures and my children get older, I foresee that the flexibility owning my own business offers me, will become more important to keeping a good balance for my family.

CW What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about your ZoLi product?

Julianna The #1 thing I want customers to know is that my cupboards at home are full of well-used ZoLi products.

I would hate putting products on a shelf that I would not use personally and I want my customers to know that my confidence in these products – and in the materials from which they are made – is so high that my family and friends use them each and every day.

CW If we talked to All of your family and friends – imagine them in one room at the same time – what would you tell them about what you do? What would they tell Me about your involvement with your company?

Julianna I would thank them for all the support they have given me. Because of them, I was able to follow my passion, make ZoLi a reality, and make products that blend safety, style, and function seamlessly.

They would tell you that ZoLi is a reality because of the culmination of my passion, determination, and experience. I am passionate about helping parents educate themselves about the materials they expose their children to and am committed to offering affordable, quality products that can grow with their children without hurting the environment.

CW What keeps you going day after day?

Julianna My children. They are the inspiration and the namesake for ZoLi. So it’s a continual reminder of why I do what I do.

Beyond that, I truly find great joy in watching customers get excited about a unique product or express relief knowing that these products don’t contain chemicals that that could hurt their children in the long run.

CW How do you celebrate: your achievements; mistakes and miscalculations; and even failures?

Julianna I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t celebrate achievements as much as I should.  I’ve brought this lack of celebration with me from a different, corporate culture, which is not one I want to employ, so I need to make some changes!

I am constantly looking forward to the next milestone so I don’t stop to fully acknowledge or celebrate achievements. 

However, I do stop to analyze missteps, mistakes because there are always lessons to be learned from them – how can we improve the process next time or how do we avoid the same mistake from happening again.

CW After a long day, when you close your eyes and reflect on the day, just before you go to sleep, what goes through your heart and mind?

Frankly, I am so exhausted at the end of the day that if my mind is blank, it’s a good day.

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