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California Woman from Egypt Saves You Big Bucks on Produce, Poultry, and Fish

RECAP: Being a single mom and an entrepreneur, Mareya’s new eco product Eat Cleaner is conquering the market. Are you using Eat Cleaner?

It is no secret that a huge amount of fresh produce is being thrown away every week. I do all kinds of tricks to preserve my veggies and fruit. Still, I find myself ditching a lot of vegetables, as many of them go rancid in about three days. That’s a huge waste of green produce and money.

Eat Cleaner has changed that. By using it on my green produce, it stays “alive” and fresh for much longer in the fridge. Plus, if I don’t throw away spoiled fruit and vegetables, I’ll be saving more money in the bank.

Here are some vital questions I asked Mareya Ibrahim about her Eat Cleaner product that every person would love to get answers to.

CelebrateWoman (CW) Who is the primary target for your product?

Mareya Ibrahim (Mareya) Anybody who is looking for healthier food options and is concerned of taste of the food they consume.

Pregnant women could benefit tremendously when using Eat Cleaner on all of their green foods, poultry, and fish. Less contaminants they consume with foods, the healthier their babies will be.

Besides, everyone who eats – and we do eat every day – could be a direct benefactor of this product Eat Cleaner.

CW What is the #1 reason someone should buy your product?

Mareya With a huge variety of pesticides, chemicals, and waxes used in agriculture, water alone is not effective in removing such contaminants from produce, seafood and poultry. The body accumulates all these contaminants that may trigger different reactions of human organism.

CW What benefits will a person receive when using eCleaner regularly?

Mareya Eat Cleaner strips off all pesticides, waxes, fecal residues from produce, fish, and poultry. It reveals a true taste nature of the eaten product and adds shelf life to it.

Using Eat Cleaner regularly, human bodies are given an amazing opportunity to eat fresh foods without consuming all the chemicals they’re covered with during their farming and preparation period.

Convenience of use is exceptionally handy when you're on the go and need to wipe a piece of fruit or even disinfect your hands with Eat Cleaner wipes.

Last but not least benefit is that Eat Cleaner will definitely save you a lot of money we waste on spoiled produce, as it increases shelf life of all fruit, veggies, seafood, and poultry washed with Eat Cleaner.

CW How does the price of Eat Cleaner compare to others in your category?

Mareya The price for Eat Cleaner is very competitive and reasonable at the same time. One bottle of Eat Cleaner can last you for a whole month for a fraction of pennies per day.

CW Mareya, how does your company, your product measure up on such important issues like being sustainable and green?

Mareya The product itself – Eat Cleaner – is all natural and biodegradable. Bottles used for packaging are all made of reusable and recyclable material. We do care about the end effect of all the product components on our environment. That is why we invest into green living every step of the way.

CW When someone reads the ingredients from the label on Eat Cleaner, what would you like them to notice?

Mareya All the ingredients are plant-based and come from Nature. We use Citric acid that naturally occurs in fruit and vegetables; Sea Salt as a natural preservative, and Calcium Ascorbate as an antioxidant for longer shelf life.

CW Is Eat Cleaner product certified: Organic, Kosher, Halal, or has any other special dietary certifications?

Some of the ingredients we use are Kosher certified. It is in our plans to use all Organic ingredients.

CW Where can my readers find Eat Cleaner products to buy?

Mareya  To learn about Eat Cleaner in detail and to buy it, please visit our website that sells Eat Cleaner products to anyone who does not have access to the retail stores where it’s currently being sold. Go to to pick your Eat Cleaner product.

We are in many stores in California: Stater Bros, Coast Produce, Farm Fresh to You, Irvine Ranch Market and many more.

In Washington state, you can visit Lemongrass to buy Eat Cleaner products.

Wegman’s and Wellnest are on the East Coast, and Whole Foods are in Texas for your Eat Cleaner needs.

What an exciting product that contributes to your and my good health!

What an exceptional woman who got into business to gift this world of millions products with a simple and powerful solution – Eat Cleaner!

Thank you, Mareya, for your dedication and authentic nature of who you are. Thank you for inspiring us, other women, to believe and trust in our abilities, hone our skills, and go for bigger and grandiose things in this life.

For that, we bow to you.

Celebrate Woman Today: Mareya Ibrahim, Eat Cleaner Creator

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