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A New Mom Gets It All: Colic, Gas, Burps, and Sleepless Nights

She Needs a LOT of Motivation to Raise This Baby 
And Stay Calm!

Oh, those sleepless nights and harried days. Endless nights of disrupted sleep. You simply cannot ignore a crying baby.

When my colicky baby cried, and cried non-stop, there was no consolation for me. I would try holding him in my arms. I would sing lullabies from my own childhood, and made up a few as well. Every trick, strategy, folk remedy, and a plethora of Internet guru’s advice was employed. My colicky baby just kept crying.

And it seemed I never slept.

As the little hand on the clock’s face slowly made its rounds... again and again. My heart was squeezing with pain and helplessness. My colicky baby didn’t rest, didn’t sleep, barely ate... for weeks. Months.

I didn’t care what I was feeling and started to look like. My only concern was to bring peace into my baby’s bedroom. The reason for all these tears and sleepless nights – gastrointestinal disruption. Simply known as colic or gas. And I had run out of ideas of what to do.

When my son’s pediatrician told me that it was OK for my baby to have gas and cry, I understand it… generically. I got it. I cried. But, what I didn’t understand – and I refuse to understand – is when my baby’s cry is inconsolably long, almost without any breathers in-between, what can I do? A mother is supposed to do something. Right?

An inconsolable, colicky baby is NOT normal. And may I add, to me, it is unethical to tell a mother to “get over this crying phase” without providing any helpful solution.

If I had only known about Colic Calm... our lives – my baby’s and mine – would have been different. Far happier. Healthier.

Desperate Mom Denied Effective Medical Help
(On purpose or not)
Jacqueline Lawrence had it even worse. Being a mom at 35 was promising to be safe and secure and joyful for her and her husband. What else would you want more than to just have a wonderful experience with your first, newborn boy?

Well, life proved it different for Jacqueline. For sure. Her little bundle of joy wouldn’t sleep more than 15-20 minutes without disrupting the house with his screeching, pain-filled voice, screaming at the top of his lungs. Imagine all this anguish, pain, not-knowing-what-to-do state of mind she found her self in!

Imagine hearing again and again from the medical profession, in your doctor’s office, and online, that there’s nothing you could do to resolve your baby’s severe case of colic. “Just wait and get over this period in your baby’s development, and he’ll be fine and happy again.” But that period lasted for months with no ending in the offing. And, in addition to the incessant crying, it couldn’t  be healthy for the child’s development. It simply can’t be that babies are MEANT to be colicky… that its NORMAL, OK, for them to go through that. Jacqueline knew that from that depth of her soul.

Jacqueline Lawrence’s mission was born: To find the remedy for colic. That was the beginning point of Colic Calm.

Natural Instinct and Need Led to Natural Remedy
(Though, the steps she made were surreal)

Being a teacher before becoming a mom, traveling the world, with her favorite destination being France, Jacqueline turned to her natural instincts – to research and learn what could be done with the colic conditions of little children.

She became an Internet trotter, discovering healthy choices, natural homeopathic remedies that could be used for her son. But, nothing was the answer to the problem. Several sources, however, pointed her in the right direction. She began mixing, and measuring, and concocting different formulas in her kitchen to give to her son for his severe colic.

What she discovered was a life-changing experience. She kept perfecting her formula, until a small dosage was enough to calm down her baby. At that point, Jacqueline felt immensely relieved and happy. A new chapter of her life started to reveal itself. The first page of it was Colic Calm.

NEXT: Jacqueline Creates a Company. Babies and Mothers Finally Get to Sleep.

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