Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blogging Is About Connections ~ My Fellow Woman And Blogger Spotlight ~ LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella Blog

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella Blog
Anything that we do in this life revolves around relationships. To me, these relationships are the most fascinating thing ever.

It's not about things. It's not even about events if they happen without our careful understanding and pampering of the people we come into contact with.

Let me tell you, blogging is an amazing proliferation of close connections that we build as we get to know bloggers via their reviews, giveaways, their favorite subjects they share on the daily basis. I visit a ton of blogs daily, weekly. It would be a curious fact to know how many blogs we visit per year, wouldn't it?

Subscribing to one of my favorite blogs Long Wait For Isabella does a wonder-ful thing to my soul. I feel so peaceful and inspired by the way my fellow-blogger LaVonne does her blogging.

LaVonne loves all things organic and natural living. Her spirit soars because she's in contact of who she is. The spirit of confidence that I get from all of her writing and careful choosing of products she reviews and gives away draws me back to her blog. And I am being touched by her soulfulness, as she fills her words with it.

Blogging is not just giveaways or about giveaways. Blogging favors people with soul, with a standing platform, who influence us in many ways in our daily lives.

Blogging can change lives.

Blogging deepens relationships we create as we blog away with our topics, and themes, and product reviews.

Ultimately, blogging is all about Relationships. Our need to connect and feel trust towards those who are open-minded and open-hearted.

LaVonne, thank you for this opportunity to get connected with you miles and miles away via your amazingly open blogging style on Long Wait For Isabella.

You don't need to wait long to get connected with people.

Celebrate Your Connections Today!