Thursday, January 19, 2012

Microplane Foot Files Are The Bare Necessity For Our Daily Living ~ Review ~ See Giveaway Links For This Product Below

What I find puzzling is why the majority of us take the overall care of our bods, and hair do’s, and nails. But sometimes, we really miss something that truly needs our attention.

The subject of interest in this case is our feet. To be more specific, the soles of our feet.

Personally, I have tried a lot of products to smooth the skin on the bottom of my feet and heels. Some of them were better than others. Then I got a chance to test a Microplane Foot File with its patented technology for tough calluses and dry skin.

One evening, when the kids were in bed and I had my time for my thing, I decided to use Microplane’s invention and see the results with my own eyes.

I tried their Paddle-shaped foot file in Pink. It was really easy to open and figure out what to do. Though, I did read the instructions. And was it helpful! One very important thing in this process is to use this foot file on DRY skin! Without this tip, I would have used some water. Always read the instructions!

Oh, My! In about five minutes – well, I just took time, gals – the true colors of my skin on the bottom of my foot soles were revealed. I put some oil onto my toes, onto my heels. I felt Fantastic! And yei, there was a lot of dead skin collected in the container within my new fab foot file. No wonder my baby skin was literally buried under it.

With so visible results, I rushed to my hubby to share and to brag what new feet I got! And that he needs to attend to Microplane Foot File immediately as well!

Let me tell you what Celebrate Woman adores about this unique foot file cadget:
  • Removes dead skin cells painlessly and easily
  • Provides Salon type care for your feet in the comfort of your home
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to care for
  • Brilliant colors
  • Reasonable price
What are you waiting for? Get this Microplane Foot File for yourself! Win it!

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• Second Microplane Foot File, Red With Buffer, featured in A New Me Campaign, Jan 24-31

Disclosure: Microplane shared their unique products with me to facilitate this review and giveaway. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.