Wednesday, January 4, 2012

$50 PayPal Frenzy Sign-Up Now Open ~ Feb 1-29, 2012

Would you like to increase your FAN-ship on your Social Media accounts? Then sign up for the

$50 PayPal Frenzy Today! 

For the whole month of February, you'll be gaining – not weight of course! Your precious following, your new Fans who are your most valued customer of all!

$50PayPalFrenzy, Feb1-29-2012

1. Write up a post in your words to promote this event on your blog
2. Back link this post to ItsMyLife4 blog
3. Install the event button on your side bar
4. Make PayPal payment as "purchase" or "services" to: bjhopper(at)me(dot)com
5. $2 per mandatory entry and $1 per extra entry into Rafflecopter: $3 total if you chose to do both entries
6. Send Bridget an email when you have done steps 1-5: bjhopper(at)me(dot)com
AND include the following in your email:

     • Link to your blog post about this event
     • Your Paypal email address so she can verify funds
     • List of entries (please mark each one as mandatory or extra)

NB: This giveaway is open to anyone 18+ who has a Paypal account and can receive funds