Friday, November 25, 2011

Project Christmas Tree ~ Flappy Hat Giveaway As Additional Prize ~ Nov 25- Dec 15, 2001

Project Christmas Tree GIVE-it-AWAY! One person will own EVERYTHING! Value $295.80

What a great way to spend your pre-Christmas days – of course I mean choosing the best gifts and presents for your kids and your whole well-loved family and friends!

With this Project Christmas Tree, you will be able to dip into the pool of wonderful cash and product prizes – Dozens of them! Celebrate Woman Today adds amazing and very necessary article to your kid's attire – Flap Happy Hat with SPF +50 and very easy care.

Why do you need a Flap Happy Hat for your child’s every day life in the sun? For those who live in sunny places like Florida and Hawaii, Flap Happy Hat could be a life saver for every day of the year! For those who venture out into the sun in the summer or during their wintery vacation get-aways, take this UPF 50+ Flap Happy Hat with you without any argument!
Flap Happy Hat, Fun In The Sun, Safari Combo, Retails $20.95
Why Celebrate Woman stands behind Flap Happy Hat?
  • Provides full coverage from UV rays to child’s ears and back of neck
  • Shades nicely the entire face
  • Sits snuggly around the head
  • Super easy washing and cleaning with fast drying time
  • #1 Vote for beach play with prolonged life in salty environment
  • Available in vibrant colors!
  • Makes a super necessary gift for your Christmas kid!
I would like to Thank Flap Happy Team for being:
  • Eco-conscious (this hat won't wear out, unless you tear it apart on purpose!)
  • Designing a beautiful collection of sun protection hats for both girls and boys
  • Promoting simple ways of protecting our kids’ health by wearing Hats!
  • Making these Flap Happy Hats in the USA

Please enter a simple Rafflecopter for the multitude of prizes including this Flap Happy Hat.

If you Follow Flap Happy on Twitter and Facebook – I personally add my surprise gift for you (a ready-to-be-set precious stone! No kidding here). Please leave your comments on Flap Happy Twitter and Facebook following in the comments section of this blog post, not in Rafflecopter, as I will be processing them separately from the Rafflecopter winner!

Love to you all. Best of FUN entering this giveaway of prizes!

Prize Pack Valued at $295.80
1. Silver Pendant from Like Mother, Like Daughter Jewelry, Value $25
2. "Winter Wonderland Wreath", Value $70 from M&B Designs
3. Vintage White Bull Napkin Rings, Value $12 by Camp Honeybelle Vintage
4. Usborn Books Gift Card, Value $45 from Mommies Point of View
5. iTunes Gift Card from S&S Apps
6. Season's Eatings Holiday e-Cookbook, Value $13.95 from Healing Cuisine by Elise
7. Tastefully Simple Cocoa Pals gift set, Value $11.95 from Our Life is a Jungle
8. A 3-day Trial of Plexus Slim, Value $11.95 from Plexus Slim/Janet Avila
9. Gender Neutral Diaper Cake, Value $45 from Diaper Designs and More
10. A Hand-Made SLR Camera strap, Value $30 from See Lori Sew
11. Fun In The Sun (color Safari Combo) Flap Happy Hat, Value $20.95 from Flap Happy

Open to US only
Giveaway closes at 12am EST, December 15, 2011

Celebrate Your Fun Today!


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