Monday, November 21, 2011

Project Christmas Tree Multiblog Giveaway With Cash and Product Prizes Galore

My wonderful blogger mom at Jade Louise Designs blog is sponsoring just another way to help us all with Holiday gifts and have fun in our online community as well. Today is the last day to sign up for Project Christmas Tree. Below are the details.

The Project Christmas Tree event will be opening on Black Friday and will run until Dec 15th. A Winner will be selected and hopefully all Prizes will be able to arrive before Christmas; in an attempt that all of us together can make one lucky reader's Christmas Outstanding!

At present we have a compilation of cash and prizes valued at over $200!!

If you would like to participate in our Project Christmas Tree as a Sponsor and Gain extra traffic and exposure, signups are closing on Monday night Nov 21st at 11pm MST! So be sure to hurry before you miss out!

Signups are open to bloggers, Facebook page owners, Small boutiques and businesses that are looking for more exposure and Traffic! For each site that sponsors a prize or Cash donation; your site's link will be added to the Rafflecopter's required entries for the Giveaway.

We will also email you the Rafflecopter code and directions on how to install it to Facebook if you would  like to participate that way and still comply with Facebook's Promotional Guidelines.

Side note: because Jade Louise Designs is the only one with the ability to moderate the entry form, all sponsors will still be able to enter to win the giveaway themselves.

There are 2 ways in which you can participate:

1. Sponsoring a Prize: in this option you will be offering up a prize with a Min. value of $10, included is also free shipping of your product to the winner. This is great for boutiques or businesses that are looking for a little extra exposure and traffic to increase their holiday sales. Review product is not required for this option.

2. Sponsoring the cash prize. Part of this Grand Prize will also be a Cash Prize! The Fee to participate is $10; and will be paid via paypal to before your links will be added to the Giveaway event. The Cash prize will then be paid to the winner via paypal once the winner has been confirmed to have complied with all Giveaway rules.
  • We will NOT be accepting any sponsors after November 21st; due to the nature of the Giveaway, as in order to win; the entries must follow/like ALL sponsors..if a new sponsor was to be added late..the entries that had already entered would then be voided of their entries. In addition; We will be busy running the Holiday Guide event, and won't have time to alter the Grand Prize after it goes live.
  • The Order of your links added and displayed on the Grand Prize event listing is based on the order in which fees are paid, and the sponsor form filled out. 
How to become a Sponsor:

 To sponsor our event, simply fill out this FORM; again the first ones to join us will be listed first in our Giveaway prizes and on the Rafflecopter form; so don't delay!

If you have any questions you can contact us via our email address at


Many of our fans know from passed Events that we like to do something special for our sponsors of our events as a thank you for helping us make our events such a great success!

This time we want to do something different. Each one of you can help us spread the word of our event. The more it is announced, the greater the turn out... the greater the turn out, the better the Reward for you!

The person/blog/boutique who refers the most sponsors to our event will also be awarded 10% of the Cash Prize collected. This will be announced and rewarded on Nov 22nd, after Sponsor submissions have closed.

The Sponsor prize will be paid via paypal to the individual who refers the most participating sponsors to our event. So you can see; the more sponsors we have, the greater the cash prize...thus the greater the Sponsor's Prize! So start sharing and sending your fellow bloggers and boutiques our way!

Celebrate Your Participation Today!