Sunday, November 6, 2011

Burst Training for the Holiday Season, Week 2

Ok, my dear women. Have you tried your Burst training yet? If not, I do highly recommend it to anybody who wishes to feel refreshed and look toned and slim through the holiday season.

Burst training is based on immensely increasing one's metabolic rate after such short intense intervals of physical exhaustion. During the exercise itself, we burn blood sugar. But for the next 48 hours of such exercises, we activate the burning of our cellulite. Isn't what we want?

Burst training to be effective needs only be done every other day. Why? Because Human Growth Hormone kicks in and helps to burn all the fat that we store in the unwanted places. On the "off" days, do your crunches, walks, some physical movement that is pleasant and yet gives you satisfaction that you have exercised on that day.

Please be aware of one more thing: Eat mindfully, feeding your body and soul, not your hungry eyes! Load yourself with green salads, salmon, tofu, fruit and veggies of all kind. Have freshly prepared soups.

And drink fresh spring water!

Here's your Week 2 of Burst Training that I have gone through myself. I tried many videos from YouTube, but this particular really caught my eye by its simplicity, quickness and effectiveness.

We all can do it!

Celebrate Your Persistence Today!