Monday, October 17, 2011

Clean & Green Review & Giveaway by Amazon Herb ~ Rafflecopter, 15 Winners (11/16)

Amazon Clean & Green
These days, I clean my house and home predominantly with Clean and Green. My friend introduced me to this cleaning solution a few months ago, and never looked back.

One day, my 3-year-old decided to be a body painter. After a few quiet moments in his room, he came out only to unveil his masterpiece drawn all over his body. Oh my, was he proud of himself! I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Then we headed straight to the tub.
Permanent Markers All-Over. That's the Before Picture
FYI before I proceed. The tools he used for creating his bodily images were permanent markers (he sneaked out into mama’s office to get to them.)

In the tub, I tried soap, kid’s shampoo, body wash. Scrubbed with wash cloth. Used a warmer water. Nothing worked. Then my hubby suggested to use Clean and Green, may be it’d work.

After a few drops on a wash cloth and a couple of minutes in the tub, my toddler boy was free of permanent marker colorings!
This is the After picture. Clean & Green has Done its Job!
WOW! This stuff made me even a bigger lover of it!

Wait a minute. Nothing to worry about when it comes to its ingredients!
• 100% natural and chemical-free formula
•Non-toxic plant-based key ingredients
• Powerful cleaning action for even the toughest stains – I proved this statement through my personal experience!
• Gentle enough to be used on your skin – You bet!
• Safe for households with children and pets – True!

Here’s the Ingredients List for Clean and Green:
Purified water, Processed Extracts of Rainforest Cinnamon and Coconut, Tree Sap, Cactus, Corn, Grain, Grass, Potatoes, Soy, Plant-based Surfactant.

Check the multiple uses of Clean and Green:
• Windows, floors, toilets, kitchen counters – I do ALL of these in my own house with Clean and Green!
• Give your Pet a rub and clean it from dust and soily spots – I have cats and give them a a “bath” by rubbing Clean and Green solution all over their bodies. Non-toxic to swallow for both pets and kids, remember it!
• Stains on clothes – get them off quickly and efficiently with this natural magic!
• Fruit and Veggies – Spray them before you eat to get rid of waxes and pesticide film on them!
• Furniture, fabric and leather – I used it on both and works wonders, really!

In a word, every time I want to clean something new, I just spray a bit on the surface to see if there’s any adverse reaction. So far, there was none! I am loving Clean and Green for its eco nature and effectiveness!!! Natural stuff that works. And I keep my green spray bottle in the kitchen for all immediate spills and dirty concerns.

The company that stands behind this unique product is Amazon Herb Company with its over 20-year experience of working with the indigenous communities in the Amazon and bringing eco clean ingredients to the U.S. to make the products that feed the body and help it heal naturally.

Each year, a percentage of all company profits goes towards providing scholarships, obtaining land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Peruvian Rainforest. Amazon Herb Company is called a “More Than Fair” Trade company, as it empowers and enriches the local villagers with the gifts they never had, like land titles, water filtration systems, boats, medical supplies, sponsoring Indigenous radio programming and much more.

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