Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazon Rain Camu C Serum Giveaway ~ Rafflecopter, 1 Winner (11/05) – Closed, Winner #74 Debra G.

Amazon Rain 6-Product Organic Skin Care System
When it comes down to your skin, especially your facial skin, any person would desire something pleasant to smell, something that truly works. And what’s more important, we want to be assured that all ingredients in the product won’t cause any harm five, ten, twenty years after the initial use of it.

Being a person with a super sensitive skin, I have not used much of cosmetics and skin care products in my life. A few months ago, Amazon Rain skincare came into my life.

I really liked the ingredients in the product, and was willing to try it. All Amazon Rain products are entirely free of synthetic chemicals and artificial additives and made from 100% organic ingredients. What’s not to like?

Behind all these organically formulated Amazon Rain products stands the Amazon Herb Company. Since 1990, Amazon Herb has worked with local tribes in deep Amazonian Rainforest, supporting a sustainable future for the forest and its citizens. Another outstanding fact is that this company dedicated a percentage of all company profits toward scholarships, helping obtain land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Amazon Rainforest.

Every single sale all year round in Amazon Herb supports two movements: ACEER – Nonprofit The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Resources


Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center

What followed my test of the Amazon Rain products shadowed all my expectations or should I say my skepticism?

I bought all six products for my personal use and implemented a regular skin care routine like with any system: Cleanse > Exfoliate > Tone > Feed > Moisturize

Here’s my feedback on every Amazon Rain individual product

1. Amazon Rain Botanical Cleanser (100 ml)
Exceptionally nice smelling and gentle to use. What I liked in this cleanser is that my skin doesn’t feel parched after its use.

Amazon ingredient Iporuru camls my skin and act a topical analgesic. Jatoba is a natural purifying and soothing ingredient with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Amazon Rain Crystal Exfoliator (60 ml)
This is my Steallar product. What’s interesting, I can use it twice a day, AM and PM, and my facial skin doesn’t feel abused by the ingredients in it. It is not a scrub of harsh elements. It is a heavenly rejuvenating solution to my skin. Anybody’s skin!

Pure marine algae energizes skin cells with an increased blood flow to my skin surface, helping to draw out impurities.

Silica micro-crystals clean and polish my skin, giving it a “custom” look!

Herbal mineral ash blend is rich in mineral composites from the Rainforest soil.

This is my aroma therapy at my finger tips! Smell is so desirable and addicting, I just open a bottle and inhale the aromas from the bottle. ;0)

My hubby loves this product so much, he started using it. Guess what, now people throw all kinds of compliments his way. Men need good skin care products like us, too!

3. Amazon Rain Refreshing Mist (50 ml)
This mist is an excellent toner and a quickly-pick-me-upper during the day and after my rigorous workout at the gym. I sprits it all over my face and neck any time I want to feel energized and refreshed. The actives in this toner, aka mist,  shield my skin from environmental stressors.

The ultimate effect I am looking forward to is a like-sponge absorbing effect by my skin. I literally feel my facial skin drinking the applied dews of this ultimate mist.

With super-duper ingredients from Amazon like Suma and Una de Gato, the mist provides soothing, refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect to the skin.

4. Amazon Rain Camu C Serum (30 ml)
This nutrient-dense serum is a high concentration of antioxidants and ingredients with anti-inflammatory action. Feels silky and lightweight. Camu C Serum absorbs very quickly. Within two weeks of my use of the whole system, I kissed goodbye to my fine lines around my eye area. That was something I did not expect or asked for. I applied this serum twice a day, AM and PM.

The Amazon Camu Camu fights fine lines and wrinkles, and nourishes our skin with the world’s hightest concentration of vitamin C.

And amazing Sangre de Drago (aka “dragon’s blood”) promotes anti-aging effects and is concidered to be at the top promotes natural anti-aging processes in the body with a 90% concentration of one of richest antioxidant compounds in the world; oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC's).

5. Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer (50 ml)
Oh, this formula smell so good and feels light and silky. Just a little bit on my face and neck would go long ways! The ingredients in it reduce the aging effect of the sun and protect my skin from the UV rays. This is my daily shield for skin for sure.

The Samabaia ingredient in this moisturizer has been shown in clinical studies to protect skin from sun exposure and radiation. This powerful ingredient boasts of a colorful bouquet of phytonutrients that offer my skin such a powerful protection.

6. Amazon Rain Deep Nourishing Oil (15 ml)
This Amazon Rain product is nothing but a pure distillation of oils from Amazonia. The smell is something that took me some time to adjust to, as all those ingredients are not something I grew up with. ;0)  But the effect from the healing and nourishing power of this mixture is amazing.

I include this oil into my nightly routine about twice a week. In the morning, after I wake up, my skin feels alive, soft and resilient. This is something we need to experience in order to talk about.

My overall analysis of the Amazon Rain 6 Products – EXCELLENT and with A Quick Notice Line. Within two weeks, I saw the results on my skin:

• Dramatic diminishing of fine lines in my around-eye area
• Improved skin firmness
• Brightened skin tone
• Aroma therapy on-the-g0 (it especially applies to the Mist. I Mist myself any chance I get!)
• Assurance that I am using the products with the best quality ingredients that were tested and clinically researched by the 3-rd parties. Most ingredients in the Amazon Rain are from Amazon and possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

For being so patient, Amazon Herb company has offered one reader from my blog a free full-size Camu C Serum. To give your skin a more lifted look – use Camu C Serum AM and PM and experience results for yourself.
Amazon Rain Camu C Serum (30 ml)
And Rafflecopter will sure help you to get through the entries with a breeze (thank you Greg from Rafflecopter and his entire team!)

This giveaway is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Skin care is a huge part of our overall health, and it does matter what we put on it, and how much toxicity the body and its organs accumulate during their lifetime. That is why the byline for all Amazon Rain skin care products is Deeper Than Beauty. Amazon Rain products feed the body, skin, internal systems to bring out the beauty from within.

Amazon Herb Company is offering an unprecedented coupon for all who buy any of its products during hte month of October. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center for diagnosing, prevention and treatment of cancer.

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All the ingredients are organic and wild-harvested. These products have Zero (0) additives, chemicals, GMO, Gluten, colors. All come in natural tone, color, and smell.

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FREE gifts to the first 50 people purchasing any of the Amazon Rain products from this campaign:

(1) Olivia Newton-John, who beat her own breast cancer, has announced that she’ll send a personally signed LIV Aid for breast cancer prevention in your monthly self-examination routine. This aid alone retails for $19.95.

LIV Aid Signed by Olivia Newton-John

(2) FlaxUSA and its Founder Stephanie Stober will donate Flax Sprinkles full of Omega-3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber
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