Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer Look with a Brave & Modest Hapari Swimwear – You Deserve It, Woman!

I LAAAHV swimwear! My favorite part of it is design and color. Though I do have some preferences, I am open to try and wear almost any swimsuit on earth.

As the summer is approaching and all of us are getting ready for it and vacation time in our own small and big ways, it is time to think about your water attire. We, Women, have a need and desire to look and feel confident anywhere we dwell and trot.

Our friends at Hapari swimwear have designed an interesting poster with Swimwear As A Fashion Over the Decades. Look what they've got here:
History of Womens Swimwear Infographic - by Hapari Swimwear

What is your favorite style? Let me know!

If you'd like to try a Hapari swimwear – let me know too by writing your short note Why you'd like to wear their bathing suits.

Thank you, my dear Women.

Celebrate Your Swimwear Thoughts Today!

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