Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obesity Starts In The Crib

Our society is so much obsessed about its weight, that is physical weight, that at times, it becomes not only ridiculous, but dangerous. And it affects all equally: in the show industry as well as in our backyard.

But what is missed is a true education: at home and at school. Equally important.

However, the education that is available at this time to the masses, i.e., that was approved by all the government instances, – that education is at fault, to say the least.

This education is not based on the true clinical studies, medical knowledge, and  ancient wisdom. It is based on the power of the lobbying parties who want to make big money off our kids, parents, grandparents. Basically, off of everyone of us.

If you think that serving pizza, chicken nuggets, and milk will make us whole and ready to conquer the the industrialized, computerized world... Nope.

I am not against pizza and alike per se. What bothers me is that the majority – the policy makers – think that pizza will cover the nutritional grounds of our kids and make them healthy adn ready to serve the society.

What that shall do – and already started doing – that the kids who grew up with daily pizza rations have the least idea what whole foods really are. And the bigger tragedy comes with them having their kids whom they start feeding from their perspective of "good foods", and whom they do not educate on what good food is. Not their fault. They know very little of how to make each meal nutritious. And what they do know, send a lot of kids to the brink of overweight and obesity.

"American kids are becoming obese, or nearly so, at an increasingly young age, with about one-third of them falling into that category by the time they're 9 months old, researchers have found," writes Randy Dotinga, HealthDay Reporter.

Starting out heavy puts kids on a sad trajectory to grow up this way, and accumulate the symptoms of chronic diseases – heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), insulin resistance, and obesity – early in their lives.

That doesn't have to be this way. It can be changed. It should be changed.

One cartoon comes to mind: An American nation is being defeated by its own enemy Obesity Epidemic, and no other action is needed to kill it. It is tragic that people joke this way. But it is based on the current data and facts: People become overweight and obese at a very rapid rate, and chronic diseases eat our nation and its budget at the speed of a greased lightening.

What should we do? What do you do to avoid a sad ending?

What do I do?

I do very simple things: Eat fresh salads, make my own yummy soups, prepare fresh


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