Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go For Foods Rich in Real Nutrition

One more day, another chance for you to begin it with your decision to give your body, your mind, your life a huge break. Such breaks are available any time you consume foods rich in ingredients that are bio-available to your body and serve as catalysts to many chemical processes taking place 24/7.

What are those foods, you'd ask. Here are some foods and ingredients in them that will give you and your body a huge break in achieving your goals this season.

Oysters, almonds, brazil nuts, eggs, cucumber, fish, turkey, baked beans – this group of food is rich in zinc! Without zinc, your leptin levels won't be sufficient to feel full. You see, zinc is paired with hormone leptin. If you don't get enough zinc into your body, you add one more chance of disruption in your chemical reactions inside. The word is out – eat zinc-rich foods!

Bananas, salmon, chicken, spinach, hazelnuts  – these foods give you Vitamin B6 which is a huge helper in releasing glucose into the blood stream from the stored in liver glycogen. And you need that sugar to go on during your busy day! So, grab those smoothies with bananas, and chicken strips wrapped in lattice – and these foods will get you going!

Avocados, bananas, oranges, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, apricots, tuna, halibut – oh, what an amazing family of foods! What a wonderful source of Potassium! If you think you don't need potassium, you are deadly wrong! Potassium is an electrolyte that has its hand in regulating our blood pressure, kidney, heart, adrenal functions, bone mass, nervous system, and muscle function. Once deficient in potassium, your body will ring all kinds of alarm systems to get it back in. Load up your diet in foods that boast in potassium.

This is for starters. But be a pro-active starter!

Celebrate Your Personal Progress Today.