Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adult Obesity Can Be Traced To Babyhood

As the numbers of obese kids and adults are increasing, the medical profession is eager to find out correlation between childhood and adult obesity, and at what age the changes of weight in child are dramatic precursors for obesity in adulthood.

I have just read a very interesting study that has used human genom to "predict" the obesity predesposition of children as early as six-weeks-old. These kids with an obesity risk allele score tend to be longer and heavier that other kids in the first six weeks of their life.

After the first six weeks, the kids with an obesity risk allele score were characterized by a more rapid weight gaining  until age eleven.

How that helps us? What can we do?

Women must take good care of their  diet and weight issues before they even get pregnant. Then, it's a natural taking care during a prenatal cycle by getting enough physical activity, good diet, and rest and d peace.

And even though babies are born with their DNA and all kinds of predespositions, the gene expression can be changed, – yes, you heard it right, "Changed!" – i.e., many diseases could be avoided just by developing a healthy lifestyle for a child. With parents' participation – this one is a must.

Celebrate That Powerful Knowledge Today!


Genetic Markers of Adult Obesity Risk Are Associated with Greater Early Infancy Weight Gain and Growth by Cathy E. Elks, Ruth J. F. Loos, Stephen J. Sharp, Claudia Langenberg, Susan M. Ring, Nicholas J. Timpson, Andrew R. Ness, George Davey Smith, David B. Dunger, Nicholas J. Wareham, Ken K. Ong.

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