Saturday, January 15, 2011

Appple Cider Vinegar To Your Better Health

Another well-known, yet under-used ingredient for your daily stay-slim support.

Vinegar! A lot of studies on this ancient food and ingredient. And a lot of benefits of consuming it regularly.

Make this amazing ingredient your daily routine and see the difference for yourself.

• Use vinegars, especially seasoned vinegars like raspberry, fig, tomato, passion fruit and many more, on your salads. Each flavor would increase your ability to "listen" to the flavors of different veggies in your perfect salad. And you don't need to add any oils to your salad when using such flavored vinegars. Your body would thank you for such a treat!

• Use a mixture of rice wine vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil to create an oriental salad dressing for a salad of your choice! Add a few crumbled chips to your salad to make all of your taste buds "sing" as you eat. Delicious!

• Pickled capers or onions, or even pickled okra would add a fresh taste to your dishes. Use pickled veggies and fruit to garnish your salads and add that amazing – what-is-in-it? – flavor to your salads and main dishes. My guests always ask me what is it that I add to my recipes that make them tste so different. My answer to you and to them – It's a Pickle! (Well, all kinds of pickled fruit and vegetables.)

Celebrate Your Unique Tastes Today!

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