Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Research That Proves

How are your days going these days? Busy, I hear from all the corners of the Internet! Yes, it is a very pre-Christmas and pre-New Year's season when all of us rush to the store to pick the big gifts and stocking stuffers. It's fun because I always have that very important person on my mind when I am making a decision about a gift.

When you have a minute of quiet time for yourself, take a look a the links below. The research reinforces the importance of acknowledging of who we are and respecting our natural ability to transfer the wealth in health, knowledge, and success through very simple but vital deeds like you'll read about below.

Happy Holidays my Beautiful Women!

1. This study is awesome due to the discoveries they made. One of them is that boys benefit multiple times more than girls from being breastfed the first six months. These boys crank math problems like nobody in the class who were not breastfed when they could have! Very exciting news for future moms and some-food-for-reflection for those who can't turn this time machine back. Pass this article on!

Breast-feeding Benefits – Academic Performance 10 Years Later

2. This second article truly inspired me to do more of reading to my baby. Every word, every sentence exudes the truth that resonates inside with what we know and fee. Great examples and explanations how to make this reading routing an exciting behavior modality in your life with a child.

Fascinating how doable it is. Just-Do-It slogan needs to be implemented!

Story Time – 10 Questions and Answers That Can Unlock the Secrets to Successful Storytelling

3.We all want our cute and  beautiful children to achieve great heights in life. That does include child's evolution and maturation of emotional, cognitive, social skills, physical health, her independence and cooperation with others in life, and so much more.

What we forget, or simply do not know, that independent play by a child develops all that and more. Dr. Jim Taylor speaks volumes about the vital importance of play in your and my child's life.

An excellent article to help anybody to take it into consideration immediately, without waiting for a new 2011 year.

Parenting: The Lost Art of Play

If you would like to share your findings that would help us to learn and know more about what we are sometime clueless about – make a brave comment under this article or shoot me an email!

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