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Grab a Better Life. Grab Green. Today!

A thousand times did I wish for a way to clean my house and all the living spaces with something that shall, First, clean it effectively, Second, be refreshing, Third, be harmless to the health.   

I have tried and tested a lot of products that are harmless for the health of a human being, but still were lacking the effectiveness of a good household cleaning solution.

This time, I think I found some little treasure that could make any house cleaning a wonderful past time.

Absolutely astounding, with refreshing qualities, let me introduce to you for your home affairs needs GrabGreen and its profound founder, amazing woman, and a wonder-mother Patricia Spencer! [Yes, I am that excited to let the whole world know about GrabGreen alternative to the chemicals in almost everything used to clean, refresh, and disinfect our living spaces.]

What Is GrabGreen?
All the products for your household needs: detergents, room and fabric freshners, glass cleaners, dish soap cleaner, bathroom and kitchen cleaning solutions.
GrabGreen Detergents, Glass Cleaners, Dish Soap, Room & Fabric Freshners
Why GrabGreen?
For many reasons. Most important of those reasons are:

GrabGreen is made of organic and mineral-based ingredients that are harmless for human beings and pets, and are eco-friendly for our planet.

Packaging is made of biodegradable and/or recyclable materials.

The products are amazingly effective in cleaning, degreasing, and refreshing all the surfaces they touch.

 All the products are hypoallergenic, contain no dyes.

And NO, GrabGreen is NOT tested on animals!

I discovered GrabGreen a year-and-a-half ago while being at the product show. Right away, I was swept away by the simplicity and elegance of the idea and its implementation.

Since then, my most favorite product choice by GrabGreen is their detergent. I have been using it without regret. And with abundance of times I have to start that washer to clean again and again for the little one... In one word, GrabGreen does its job with remarkable efficiency.

As much as I was fascinated by this original, natural, and eco-friendly product line, my interest and innate curiosity about the founder of the company forced me to set up a special interview.

The conversation with Patricia Spencer, the founder and owner of GrabGreen turned to be an event with letter A. She is a genuinely smart, intuitive, and exceptionally tuned in to the current state of the market affairs. I was impressed by this modest, yet powerful woman.

I am gladly sharing the interview moments with my readers of CelebrateWoman.


CelebrateWoman   Patricia, what was the trigger to create GrabGreen products?

Patricia Spencer   My kids inspired me to create my first GrabGreen products. When my daughters were young, they loved to harvest vegetables and herbs from our garden. They made our garden their own playground. What a great thing to do for a young child!

But for the mom, me, it was a hard task to get the stains out of their clothes. It made me think what I could do to create my own cleaning and stain removing solution.

I did a lot of self-education and research. Non of the detergents and laundry agents were non-toxic and made out of natural ingredients. After experimenting in my kitchen, I was able to develop a very effective solution for stain removal from the clothes. And I used it myself and shared with my friends and families.

Moving forward. Ten years later, I decided to take my concept of the natural stain removing “concoction” and make it into a healthy, eco-friendly professionally packaged product for home and office use. The rest, as they say, is history.

CelebrateWoman   What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about your product?

Patricia Spencer The number one thing is that all GrabGreen products are effective, though they consist only of natural, organic ingredients. That’s what differentiates us from all other brands.
CelebrateWoman   Patricia, how do you see your creation, your product will effect your life in the future?

PatriciaSpencer   Our product line goes beyond health market. It addresses the mass market in this country.

Due to product convenience and effectiveness, we see a lot of students using it in their living environment that requires the minimum of effort to take care of your laundry.

People with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, and especially the elderly are using our products, as GrabGreen is hypoallergenic and contains no dyes, chemicals, or skin irritants.

We see an amazing wave of population using GrabGreen products in their lives.

CelebrateWoman   What inspires you and keeps you going day after day, after day?

Patricia Spencer   It’s the knowledge that I can give the best to my family and friends. It is the knowing that I can give something non-toxic to live with. My search for better and improved formula continues on the daily basis.

CelebrateWoman   How do you celebrate: your achievements and your mistakes?

Patricia Spencer   Mistakes... I look at them and learn from them. Such process accelerates me forward.

Achievements... I vocalize me being happy. I laugh. I scream! Yes, I am very loud when something comes together.

CelebrateWoman   Would you have your remarkable people who influenced you and your creativity the most?

Patricia Spencer   That would be my Mother. She didn’t develop any products. She didn’t lead a big company. What she did was to believe in your own self and go for your own dream. She used to say, “Pick a dream and move forward!”

CelebrateWoman   Has your involvement with your company and products changed your self-image and your relationships with friends and family?

Patricia Spencer   Being in business for myself, the process of growing the company and developing new products – all that created a whole new realm of emotions within.

I was excited. I was uncertain. I was swimming in a collection of emotions.

At the same time, I was growing professionally and that came with my boosted sense of confidence in my skills and success of the product line.

Interestingly, I was receiving a lot of positively-charged feedback and emotions from the women who loved my product and asked for more. Such indirect support inspired me to create new products.

I was also excited to involve my daughters in this growing business. So that they could start early to take the ownership of what they create every step of the way. Watching them grow professionally gives me a huge pride for who they are and what they are becoming every day.

CelebrateWoman   Patricia, if you had to do it again, would you? And why?

Patricia Spencer   Absolutely, yes. I am especially happy to have my girls in this business. Now that they are older, they can contribute, they observe, they give an invaluable feedback. It's an amazing experience to be in business with your children!
Patricia Spencer With One of Her Daughters
PS: If you have any questions to Patricia Spencer, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.
PPS: If you know a woman-entrepreneur who has created healthy product(s), please let me know, so we could spread the word about her and her contribution to this planet.

Disclosure: I only write about products I believe in and use personally and the companies who truly advance forward the best traits of the humankind. I am not compensated for my opinions.
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