Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Survived the Fire

Hello to everyone reading this blog. I have been out of the loop for a few days. The biggest stopper was the fire in our area that caused evacuation of 1652 homes.

This is just a short note about our recent ordeal with fire.

Some of you had heard about it and asked, others wondered where we disappeared to, so here is an explanation.

The great part about living high in the foothills is the view of 120 miles of the back range of the Rocky Mountains.

The downside is the fire potential.

Sunday evening a huge fire erupted on the National Guard Machine Gun Range a few miles from here (Herriman, Utah). A fire broke out, and with 40-50 mile an hour winds, it was to our area very quickly.

We evacuated Sunday evening late and spent the next couple of days trying to get back to care for our animals and retrieve needed items. With an evacuation order in place, the police and Army guys wouldn't allow us back in, but it was nice to know they were patrolling the area to keep out looters.

We got back in late last night after bunking in with generous family and friends and free-loading on their WiFi connections to keep our concerned family members informed. Everything, including hungry animals, seem to be fine now. It just smells like we are camped in an old campfire.

The fire stopped about 200 yards from our home. It destroyed the back yards of our neighbors, but the wind changed directions 180 degrees and saved the homes literally in the nick of time.
This is the fire just before it flowed over the mountain range to our side
This fire didn't wait for anybody. With the winds of 50 mi/hr, the flames spread quickly
 Lucky for the wind shift, because the fire fighters never made it to our area, nor did the police. The neighbors just got together and decided to "order" our own evacuation, and help those who needed it.
The fire spread for dozen miles along the Black Ridge of the mountains
The neighbors around the corner weren't so lucky. Three homes burned to the ground.

Thank you all for your kind comments and offers. It is much appreciated. We are very thankful we have a home to go back to.

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