Friday, August 13, 2010

Weight Loss Motivation by Jama Russano, Peter Rabbit Organics Founder

RECAP: Jama Russano who has been sensitive to chemicals in skin care, has created a high quality, high organic content skin care line for sensitive skin and all ages. Jama shares her tips and motivation for a healthy weight loss strategy.
CelebrateWoman (CW) Jama, have you had any weight loss challenges in your life, especially when you started your own business?

Jama Russano (Jama)  Yes, I have been having some weight issues due to my medication. However, I do not want to have it as an excuse for gaining more weight.

Though I do work long hours, I remind myself to stop and eat. I love cooking and do my best to eat fresh out of the organic source.

I also noticed that if I do not eat fresh live veggies and fruit, I get sick from the processed foods.

CW What is your #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

Jama  My ultimate goal every day is to eat lean foods and get some exercise.

I would love to do a triathlon one day. That requires some dedication to the exercise routine to get ready for it.

At this time, I do remind myself take short lunch breaks every day no matter how busy I am.

CW  Any personal word for all my women readers who go through their weight loss and weight management issues?

Jama  There are several things I’d like to mention in this respect.

Your successful weight and health management come from understanding ingredients and what they do to your body. Be aware of this fact, educate yourself, read labels with ingredients list on them. Understanding what you are putting into your body is tremendous.

For example, if you eat margarine, it acts like super glue inside your body. It starts adhering to arteries, intestines. Basically, it clogs your body and prevents it from absorbing good nutrients.

A good guide is if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

Also, be aware of estrogenic exposure in various foods and ingredients. A lot of studies point out a direct link between the estrogen content and cancers.

If you are going to lose weight, use fresh foods. Not an easy task, but well worth it.

Another important issue to take into consideration is breathing. How you do it will affect your health overall, including your weight management.

Last but not least, lessen your exposure to plastisizers! These are the chemicals that are used during production of many household items: like chlorinated paper towels, plastic food container, plastic utensils. Use glass and porcelain instead. That will ensure your food’s clean content before you consume it.
Jama has been an incredibly interesting person to interview. She is so knowledgeable about environmental issues that effect our bodies, our short- and long-term health, that I was blown away by the amount information I was able to discover for myself.

We applaud and celebrate women who learn and share their learning through their inventions, discoveries, products.

Celebrate Jama Russano Today!

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