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With Peter Rabbit in One Tub – That’s Exciting!

Why You Cannot Hide and Dig A Deeper Hole Unless You’re With Peter Rabbit
This is a two-part question. Let me give you my answers to it.

Why You Cannot Hide... Well, it is a common knowledge that the skin is the biggest organ of the body. It covers and protects everything inside, regulates our body temperature, and allows us to feel what we touch.

That is why I am always on the look out for natural skin care that could not only clean my skin, but also to feed it with nutrients for it to prosper.

That is why you cannot hide if your skin shows the signs of not-so-good care. That includes using skin care products loaded with chemicals. Such products may be lush to the skin, but once you read what’s in them – your skin is doomed in the long-run.

The answer to the second part of the question, as well as to provide you with some hints of what kind of products should go on the skin, lies with Peter Rabbit. To be precise, Peter Rabbit Organics.

This is some undeniably one of the top products you can treat yourself to, and your little ones, every single day of your lives and look gorgeous without thinking about long-term effects of ingredients these products are made of.

I had a privilege to interview the Founder, the Think Tank behind these products Jama Russano.

Today, Jama will share with us the details of the products she created. Later on, I’ll open up her personal history of how these products came out to be.
CelebrateWoman (CW) Who is the primary target for Peter Rabbit Organics?

Jama Russano (Jama)  Peter Rabbit skin care products could be used by anyone, no matter what your age.  Don’t take Peter Rabbit as kid’s symbol only. He is a powerful representative of everything that is green, organic, good to your skin and health.

CW  What is the #1 reason someone should buy Peter Rabbit Organics?
Jama  The Top reason to buy and use Peter Rabbit Organics is its purity. It is gluten, wheat, and estrogen activity FREE.

We list all the ingredients on the products, so that moms could make informed decision what they are buying. They can trust this product has been done in the right way, without any short cuts.

CW  How is Peter Rabbit Organics product different than your #1 competitor?

  Nobody is exactly like we are. Even if we take such great brands like Nature’s Baby and California Baby, these products are not all organic and estrogenic free.

We have created a new product category which is described as having the highest organic content.

CW  What benefits will a person receive when using Peter Rabbit Organics products regularly?

Jama  It’s not enough to repeat that when using Peter Rabbit Organics products as a regimen, a person could be confident that this is the best for her/him. Our products when used on skin or touching skin do not give an estrogenic exposure.

The long-term usage of Peter Rabbit Organics will result in your vibrant health.

CW  How does the price of Peter Rabbit Organics compare to others in your category?
Jama Peter Rabbit Organics products are sold at lower price points than California Baby, for example. Or our products have same prices with other brands in our product category.

CW  Everyone is talking these days about being green. To me, that includes being Fair Trade, being sustainable, and organic. It might even include using alternative energy, or buying energy offsets. How does your company, your product, measure-up on these important issues?

Jama Our ingredients are organic. Plus we use some ingredients that grow in the wild without any chemical intervention.

With our business model, we help to support families and communities harvesting such ingredients.

Our facility is Certified Organic. Still on my wish list is a factory that is totally green.

CW  When someone reads the ingredients from the label on your product, what would you like them to notice?
Jama  High Organic content of our ingredients. We give full disclosure of All of our ingredients used in the product, even if there’s a trace of it.

CW  Where can my readers find Peter Rabbit Organics Products to buy?

Jama  Whole Foods carry our products:
Plus you can order them from some online stores like this:
What a delight to know that Peter Rabbit Organics skincare does clean and nourishes our skin. And there won’t be any harmful long-term effects on health either. Peace of mind. Delight of consumption. That is rare.

PS: If you have any questions to Jama Russano, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.
PPS: If you know a woman-entrepreneur who has created healthy product(s), please let me know, so we could spread the word about her and her contribution to this planet.

Disclosure: I only write about products I believe in and use personally. I am not compensated for my opinions.
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