Monday, November 30, 2009

Lost on the Road to Permanent Weight Loss?

When you are full, but you decide to eat one more fork full... you think, "how can that hurt?" Right?

When you are full and you decide that one more serving won't matter that much, you can always work it off later...

When you are full, and you have eaten more than you should, so you vow to not eat so much tomorrow to make up for it...

...When these thoughts automatically pop into your head you have a persistent weight problem.

It is not the food you put into your mouth that causes weight loss problems. It is the excuses you feed into your brain.

You look for justification to eat the way you do -- excuses you feed yourself, excuses you feed to others.

You could be looking for the opposite -- you could be finding reasons to turn away that extra fork of food. You could be firm and deny yourself that extra serving. You could really monitor yourself and not overeat.

But you don't. You remain overweight because you feed yourself a steady diet of excuses.

So, you have a choice, should you eat like you want and have excuses ready? Or should you lose weight and keep it off permanently? That is the stark reality you face to achieve permanent weight loss.

Food excuses are the daily diet that feeds you all day long.
They guide your day in the same way that you have a map in your head to get around the city. So, when that internal food-voice goes silent, you get lost. You don't know what to do. You don't know which way to turn, where to stop, where to go full speed ahead.

What are you supposed to tell yourself when there is silence in your mind? Do you know what to replace the excuses with? This is when it is crucial to know how to lose weight healthily.

Because if you are going to lose weight, and stop making excuses to yourself, you have to replace the excuses with weight loss ideas that work. Ideas that, when put into action, create the permanent weight loss you seek.

When you don't have accurate, science-based information about successful weight loss, you will lose less weight than you should. And you'll gain back the weight that you did lose, plus some.

Once you regain the weight you lost, you'll get discouraged, blame your weight regain on your shortcomings and failings. And because your weight loss efforts didn't work, you'll abandon them, and you'll go back to telling yourselves lies about why it is OK to eat more than you should,

But at least, you'll not be lost -- the internal food-voice will be back. You'll still have the long list of excuses to start using again. And you'll be firmly back on the road to weight gain.

Comforting. Right?

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