Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Has Food Defined You?

Is food defining who you are?

Is food an obsession? Do you fear food? Absolutely love it?

Does food creep into your thoughts when you should be thinking of something else?

Do specific foods make you crave them? Does just thinking about certain food combinations make your mouth water?

Do you knowingly overeat today, telling yourself that you will fast tomorrow to make up for it?

Did you eat excessively this week, telling yourself you will start dieting next week?

Do you lie to yourself about what you will and won't do about food, and dieting? Or consider purging?

Do you worry about what others may think when they see you eating in public, and change your food choices because of it?

Is food obsession a large part of your day, starting with when you first wake up and barely ending when you fall asleep at night.

Do you grab a bite to eat late in the evening, sometimes just before bed, even though you know your body doesn't need it, and you really aren't hungry?

Are you being defined by food?

Let me know about how food has defined you, in one way or another.

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