Monday, July 13, 2009

Put a string on the floor. Ideas to Eat Less – To Live More.

Try this experiment with a gathering of your friends, men and women. Get two colors of strings. Have everyone take the first colored string and lay it on the floor. Have them lay it out as a circle on the floor, to show the circumference of the size they "estimate" their body is at its widest place.

Now, take the different colored string, and have them put it around the widest place on their body. Tie a knot in it to mark the right place, to remember exactly how long the second "actual" measurement string is.

Finally, take the second "actual size " string and put it on the floor in a concentric circle with the first "estimate size" string.

Which circle is on the outside?

Who was more accurate, the men or the women?

Ideas to eat less – to live life more.

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