Monday, May 4, 2009

Eat Less: Rule 1 to Control Your Appetite

If you desire less weight, then eating less has to be your goal.

All the science and advice, special diet strategies and weight loss programs, take dead aim at having you eat less. They just have different ways to get you to do that. Most fail.

So, if you are already surrounded with that key "eat less" information, why don't you do it? Why can't you control your appetite. Why are you frequently giving in to your cravings?

It's not that you lack self control. You are a responsible adult – of course you have self control. So, why can't you control your appetite?

Because what you are already eating compels you to eat more. And what you are not eating creates strong cravings.

Your diet, especially restricted calorie diets like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and NutriSystem, all set you up for failure, even if some give you short term results. Long term, after being on a diet, you not only regain your lost weight, if you are like most people you add an additional 10 pounds within a year.

Controlling your appetite is where successful weight loss begins. Cutting your cravings is how you keep in control of your life.

So, how do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?
Rule 1: Eat BEFORE you are hungry
Rule 1A: Always follow Rule 1

Once you are hungry you will do two things, and you won’t be able to stop yourself. First, you’ll eat more – probably about 300 calories more. Second, you’ll store those extra calories as fat. (Of course there is science that amply prove that, but we are just giving you the shorthand version here).

Why can’t you stop yourself from overeating in a meal you started when you were already hungry? Basically, real hunger is your body telling you your blood sugar is too low. And since your brain needs a constant supply of blood sugar, it puts an enzyme in your blood that COMPELS YOU TO EAT MORE, AND DO IT NOW (I don’t want to pass out, dummy)!

At that point, forget your will power. Your body is on remote control. YOU WILL EAT NOW. YOU WILL EAT FAST. YOU WILL OVER EAT. AND YOU WILL STORE THOSE EXTRA CALORIES AS FAT.

How do you control your appetite and cut your cravings?
Conclusion 1: Eat BEFORE you get hungry

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