Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrate Woman Today Changes Her Living Quarters

We are moving to a new home officially. Same name – Celebrate Woman Today. Just add dot com.

We've been grateful for our readers who make the life of this blog vibrant, interesting, and worth a daily effort.

This is not a "good-bye," not at all!

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We LOVE our readers! And we have a lot of exciting things already happening and in the offing for you all.

Here are two events and giveaways published for your convenience here:

happy future baby skin products,celebrate woman today

Happy Future Organic Baby Skin Care, 4-Product Set, $69 Value, US/Canada, 4/30

happy future baby skin products,celebrate woman today

$500 PayPal Extreme Cash Giveaway, Worldwide, 4/30

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Celebrate Your Day Today!