Thursday, December 1, 2011

Diamond Candles Giveaway In A 12 Days of Christmas Event ~ 12/12

Soy Candles from Diamond Candles Are A Definite Unique Find for This Holiday Season.
Check it out to see what it is and how you can get one too – for Free!
Soy Candles from Diamond Candles


You are at the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Celebrate Woman Today is part of this fun and easy blog hop that promotes easy entries and great chances to win a variety of Ah-May-Zing prizes.

Here's what Celebrate Woman Today offers you for this Rafflecopter giveaway.
Why those who love candles should bring Diamond Candles into their homes today?

Celebrate Woman Votes for Soy Candles with Hooray:
  • Natural, clean, soy-based ingredients
  • Pure and light smell
  • Variety of Popular and Unique Aromas
  • Long burning life
  • Surprise tucked into every single candle – A Ring with Value between $10 - $5,000
It’s a pure anticipation to get down to that brilliant foil tucked conveniently to the wall of the candle. The whole family, especially my 3-year-old, were anticipating something magical appearing from that glistening spot on the inside wall of the candle.
Soy Candles Burn Clean and Nicely
As the saying goes, The watched pot doesn’t boil. But it was an evening of fun, and jokes, and time spent together – around the Diamond Candle – while waiting for the surprise to unveil itself.

And finally, here it is – my Diamond Candle ring!

I Love It! I Love It! I Love It!

What I truly appreciate in this product is its eco nature and human factor – here, I mean curiosity. First igniting curiosity. Then satisfying it with a tasteful and not a cheapy-looking, cheapy-made ring.

Diamond Candles Company, you’ve done it right!

My standing applause for delivering many hours of delightful aroma from a beautiful candle in my home with a surprise inside. And for providing an element of fun and play for the whole family. We all enjoyed with anticipation the discovery of a hidden treasure while being entertained by amazing Christmas aroma of a new Diamond Candle scent! Thank you!

Would you like to bring a soy candle into your house for Christmas? Would you like to experience anticipation of carefully revealed surprise? Win it here!

Diamond Candles delightfully sponsored this giveaway with a full-sized soy candle – of course with a a unique ring inside valued between $10 – $5,000 – to one of the Celebrate Woman Today readers.
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Thank you, my dear Women for being a great support in my life!

Enjoy all the prizes without prices to pay during this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Event!

Celebrate With Joy!

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