Saturday, December 17, 2011

Alaffia Handcrafted Shea Butter Skin Care ~ Review & Giveaway ~ 2 Winners, US & Canada (Jan 3)

Alaffia Antioxidant Face Care Set

I love non-chemical, all natural skin care! I live it, breath it, use it every day. Are you?

Not many companies can be found these days who are truly creating and offering skin care products with the ingredients of the highest quality. Ingredients that won’t be discovered twenty years from now to be carcinogenic or damaging in any way to our bodies.

We see products that have All-Natural labels all over them. But when I pick up a product and look at its Ingredients List and see all kinds of PEGs, and Propylene Glycols, and Phenoxyethanols, and Parabens – you get the picture! Yes, such products do contain great stuff from plants with amazing properties. However, where’s the integrity putting all the good stuff in one place with the ingredients that are organ system toxicants, allergenic, and cause endocrine disruption? That is unacceptable.

I choose not to buy such products, as I refuse to vote with my dollar towards Shevron’s and Texaco’s of this world.

The companies like Alaffia offer all of their skin care products from the sources that are precious to our human nature. All of the ingredients are sourced in impoverished Western Africa. With the power of the communities and cooperatives, local people – mostly women – earn the living by supplying the local plant-based ingredients to Alaffia. The company hand-makes all of its skin care products and re-invests the profits into the West African region.

One of the precious ingredients, Shea Butter, comes from Central Togo where local women collect this precious resource and prepare it to be used by Alaffia.

Alaffia formulators have created amazing daily resource for us here to use and shower our facial skin with the empowerment of powerful antioxidants like shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and Rooibos tea extract.

Using all the above ingredients brings the synergy for skin firmness and elasticity. Plus, daily use of such products provides an outer barrier for any damage from the outside pathogens, sun rays, and dust.

Please remember, when you attempt to test one of the products within any skin care line of products, it’s always more beneficial if you experience the whole system, rather than relying on one product you like. There are exceptions. But in majority of cases, the systems are created to bring the benefits to the facial skin in steps through cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Alaffia Face Care Set is based on two major ingredients: Shea Butter and Rooibos Tea Extract.

Why Celebrate Woman Appreciates Alaffia Products:
  • Simple, yet powerful ingredients: Shea Butter and Rooibos
  • Amazingly quick absorption time – literally in seconds
  • Un-interruptive smell of all products
  • Supports daily needs of skin: Improves Elasticity
  • Certified Fair Trade
  • NO chemicals of any kind in this product

Would you like to really experience the Alaffia skin care products in action?

Alaffia has generously offered two Celebrate Woman Today readers their Antioxidant Face Set. US and Canada – it’s your chance to win here in a Big way!

Disclosure: Alaffia Team shared their unique organic products with me to facilitate this review and giveaway. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.

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