Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Stop Christmas Hop – Loose Amethyst & Two Peridots Stones (Valued $70), 12/6 ~ CLOSED, Winner Trista Z.

This is going to be a great Blog-Hop pre-Christmas Event. If you would like to add more excitement to your Christmas shopping, why not to do it via entering a multitude of Giveaways available to all of us online?

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Once you enter my giveaway, please stop by and enter more of great giveaways at my friends' blogs below! We have created this pre-Christmas Shopping Experience for all who enjoys online shopping without spending a lot of time in crowds. Here you could find some truly amazing prizes.

Celebrate Woman Today is giving away 3 semi-precious stones that are new and loose. It's up to you to use 1 Amethyst and 2 Peridots for an amazing ring of your fantasies. Here are the dimensions of the stones:

Amethyst (1), 6x9 millimiters – this could be your center stone
Peridots (2), 5x7 millimiters – these two stones could be the side "kicks' for the Amethyst in the center

Interesting Facts About Amethyst:
Throughout history, amethyst was believed to make the wearer gentle and amiable.
Amethyst powers include: dreams, healing, peace, love, spiritual uplifting, courage, protection against thieves, and happiness.

Interesting Facts About Peridot:
It is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace, and success.
Peridot's powers include health, protection, and sleep.
The stone is believed to attract love and calm anger, while also sooth nerves and dispel any negative emotions.

Thank you, my dear Women for your supportive and wonder-full friendships!

Celebrate Your New Friends Today!
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