Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kai Bean Kids Brings To Us Boy’s Fashion ~ Rafflecopter Review & Giveaway (12/8)

My son loves the boy’s clothes line named after him – Kai Bean!

My little bean Kai enjoys selecting and putting together his daily outfits. His manipulation with color combinations, design and weather appropriateness truly never stop to surprise me. This little boy has an eye for everything that is quality.

Kai Bean line of boy’s clothes definitely belongs in this category.
Kai Bean

Kai Bean Kids Offers Plenty of Deep Pockets!
Born in California, shorts, little sweaters and T’s make a definite statement in kid’s clothes industry. Why you’ll ask. It is very simple, but genius – offer clothing that is in high demand, comfortable, stylish and has appeal to both kids and parents.

Hard to hit all the points in one branded way. In my humble opinion, Kai Bean Kids has done it with excellence.

My son wears Kai Bean branded clothes because it’s him!

Only things like Kai Bean clothing line that answer the call of the universal crowd truly become a classic.

We vote unanimously for any outfit produced in sunny California for the sake of Kai Bean Kids!

With Kai Bean Kids clothing you receive:
  • Comfort from different textured knits
  • Style that appeals to kids and moms
  • Easy care after your items
  • Amazing comfort of wearing it
Aren’t these the universal things we’re always after? With Kai Bean Kids clothes, your child and you receive peace of mind that this is a quality wear that will last your little bean for a long time. And will look like it was bought yesterday.

Kai Bean Kids Super Comfy Style!
 Would you like to bring Kai Bean Kids clothes in to your home to your kids? Kai Bean Kids generously sponsors this Rafflecopter review and giveaway by offering one of their Kai Bean Shirts (available in sizes 6 mo – 12 years).

Kai Bean Kids are my definite Holiday Gift Guide recommend to anybody who would like to bring more comfort and style to their little beans and sprouts! ;0)

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