Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dariya Hair Pad Review

Daria Hair Pad for Your Multiple Facial Routines
Many times when I was in a hurry for some function or event, and was already dressed up, I had to add some make-up touches here and there. And naturally, all my hair mane would be all over me and in my face! I wished in those moments many things, just be done and ready to go.

Or imagine another situation, when your hair is all styled and you need to get your face clean up and prep for the outing! I wished in those moments I had something to hold my long bangs in place.

Well, my wishes came true. At last. With the help of Dariya Hair Pad, I can do whatever I need when it comes to facial cleansing, make-up routine or anything that requires my hair and my bangs to stay away from my face!

AJHairPad.com from Japan has introduced a new product to the U.S. market that can assist us, women in doing our cosmetic routines much faster and without worries to mess anything up.
Dariya Hair Pad in Pink. Available on www.AJHairPad.com
Why Celebrate Woman Likes Dariya Hair Pad:
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable (weighs a couple of grams only)
  • Quality Hold on Your Hair – It won't let it go, unless you wish it!
  • Fun Colors – Pink, Blue, and Black
  • Easy on Your Purse – Only $5 for a pair!
Where to Buy:
Online at this point. WWW.AJHairPad.com

Promotional Savings? YES
Promo Code for 10% – BLKFRIDAY  (Expires November 30, 2011)

Disclosure: AJHairPad.com provided Celebrate Woman Today with Dariya hair pad for product review. All opinions are my own and come from a personal experience of a product.