Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bamboo Bottle Review & Rafflecopter Giveaway (11/26)

Bamboo Bottle Original
Bamboo Bottle with Flip Cap

How many water bottles, tea bottles, coffee and other possible drink bottles have you had in your life?

Possibly, a zillion. And I say it with a grin.

Of course we want something trendy. Something that fits into our purse. Different purses as we change them due to different functions and events during the week.

We crave something really convenient, something with many functions, some thing that fits our lifestyle.

Not the last thing is that this water/drink bottle needs to be safe for us. Without any chemicals leaching into the drink of our choice.

Well, my dear Women, Bamboo Bottle offers a lot to those who think green and eco-friendly.

This product consists of a glass cylinder bottle wrapped around with a bamboo sheath. Why this choice of materials? Simple answers:
• To guarantee to you fresh taste from a glass bottle, and
• To give you options for cold or hot drinks (as bamboo outside will preserve temperature exchange)

Oh, yeah, look at the classic design that allows you a quick cleaning and rinsing off! Simply unscrew the top and bottom and slide the dishwasher-safe glass lining out.

I love the fact that this bottle is so easily cleaned without collecting all the yukki stuff inside.

I love the product. I love their sustainable thinking and designing process. And I love design, too!

Using bamboo as an outer coat for the bottle inside leaves you with a sleek feel in your hands, and a good feel that this is a plant that grows as fast as you can run (choose your comparison!) But bamboos grow with the speed of a greased lightening! Plus, bamboo minimizes carbon dioxide and generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Get this! More oxygen for you, for me, for us and the Planet!
Just as I was writing this review, the Bamboo Bottle Company has introduced a bottle with a Flip Top. That's another innovation they've made to the existing bottle. Same clean design with the comfort of a flip cap. Eventually, they'll offer this flip top as an accessory. But for the launch, the company opted to go with a standard bamboo bottle with a flip top. Cool, Bamboo Bottle Team!

Would you like to bring one of these beautiful babies home? You can here!

Bamboo Bottle Company is happy to offer a Bamboo Bottle to one Celebrate Woman Today reader who has her luck to win it.

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Disclosure: Thank you, Bamboo Bottle Company for a wonderful Bamboo Bottle that will last me for long, long time! All opinions are mine and come from my personal experience with this product.