Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Domestic Violence Awareness Month of October

This month is rich in bringing awareness of such critical issues as Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.

In the past few years, violence against your own family member  has been really brought out of the closet and given more spotlight than ever before. And this is the only right thing to do. No living individual, little or grown-up, should be cornered into circumstances that makes everything human inhumane. And miserable.

No tolerance to Domestic Violence at any level. Ever.

There some powerful women in our blogging community who dedicate their daily lives to supporting this movement of peace within families in our vast and multicultural society.

Please visit Style Substance Soul to learn more what Amy, Jessi, and Catherine – the women who are leading the movement of peaceful resolution and support of nonviolence within a family and in our world without human trafficking.

Celebrate Domestic Peace Today