Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bloggers Needed To Launch a Mega Campaign for Natural Skincare

Do you still use those skincare products that contain poisonous ingredients that slowly accumulate in your body and in your organs? If not - kudos to you and your efforts not to!

If you are still on the "yes" side, please consider small steps in detoxing your body, your skin, your home with natural and potent products. Where to start, with what products to start? Please go to the Products We Celebrate tab on this blog and scroll down to see some of the green and eco-clean products for your babies and toddlers, your hubby and yourself, and your entire house called HOME. Please DO.

When you start with one step, it will become a rollercoaster of goodness in your life. But the first step is your pre-requisite for better, cleaner life you give and live.

Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It absorbs and delivers. It dies and replenishes. It nurtures and heals. What product you put on this precious environment does count how effective your skin is during its life cycle.

Without any saying, your skin is your precious commodity. Your mirror. Your gift.

Are you taking good care of your precious skin? Are you loading it with vitamins and minerals, pamper it with lavish natural ingredients, and boost its luster and looks? Are those natural skincare tools effective?

You're about to find out. Two announcements for all of the Mega bloggers and Super caring Moms.

1. If you would like to participate in testing, reviewing and giving away a leading brand skincare products, please email me: DISCOVERY4 @ MAC.COM

2. This blog will be joining the mega campaign with another 150 mom-bloggers to celebrate natural skincare with Amazon Rain products with review and giveaway dedicated to the Breast Cancer Prevention Month in October.

Why Amazon Rain skincare products? First, they are all natural and effective. Second, Amazon Rain donates percentage from sale of every skincare product to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer. And it does it All Year Round, not just in the month of October! That's why it calls for celebration and special mention of these products.

There will be a unique and special surprise for anybody who participates in the October Breast Cancer Prevention Month and Amazon Rain Skincare review and giveaway.

Thank you to all those companies and products that sustain our daily lives.

Celebrate Your First Green Steps Today!


Diabetic Snacker Giveaways said...

I'd be interested in this review opp but you don't give your email addy. Please send it to me at diabeticsnacker(at)gmail.com Thanks, barb

Libby's Library said...

I'm very interested too!


Amber said...

I am interested! My email is amber at thriftyninja dot net

Thank you!


Rebecca said...

I also interested :D


Thanks! :D

Vicky said...

Hi! I'd be interested in doing a review and giveaway on our site Mommy Loves Giveaways.

mommylovesgiveaways1 at gmail dot com

Nekky said...

Hello, I'd be interested in reviewing this product and also doing a giveaway on it.
I'd also want to know more about the
October Breast Cancer Prevention Month (Because I'd like to participate).
nechy4u @ yahoo dot com

Shanee said...

I'd be interested in doing a review/giveaway on my blog: http://adventuresofathriftymommy.blogspot.com/

You can email me at shaneemcfarland@gmail.com


shannon said...

I would love to join in also.


I will add you on facebook & GFC Thanks

Monica said...

I'm also very interested in doing a review/giveaway on my unique blog -
My email is - monica.parlee@gmail.com


Retail Therapy Lounge said...

Would love to find out more - retailtherapylounge at gmail.com

~ Noelle said...

Very interested in learning more about this..
Please email me :
Jumpin.beans09 at gmail.com

Authors Jordana Ryan and Stephanie Barmann said...

I would love to be in on this. Please contact me at theremustbmore@aol.com

Nicole B said...

I would also be interested in participating. Please feel free to contact me at:

Lori said...

I would be interested! blessed6mom@yahoo.com

Jennifer said...

I am very interested in doing a review/giveaway on my blog. Please email me @ jennifersdeals67@yahoo.com Thank you!

mommy2luke2008 said...

I would be interested in working with you on a review/giveaway. Here is a link to my blog: http://www.lilbitofus.com And here is my email: maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

tina reynolds said...

I am interested eaglesforjack@gmail.com http://www.afamilyfullofopinions.squarespace.com

Baba said...

I too am interested. Contact me at djsloan1953@yahoo.com for

Not So Average Mama said...

I just emailed you back :)

Captain Coupon said...

I am interested in doing a review and giveaway with your company!

email: captaincouponsaves@gmail.com



Amber @JadeLouise Designs said...

We just emailed you; but we are also VERY interested to work with you and join in this campaign.

email: jadelouisedesigns@gmail.com

Lori Pace said...

Hi! I just sent you an email! I would love to participate in this wonderful opportunity! Thank you so much!

Lori w/ www.ADayinMotherhood.com

Lori Pace said...

Sorry - my email is lomargie @ gmail . com

Lori w/ www.ADayinMotherhood.com

Anonymous said...

she DOES give her email...it's at the end of #1. But since it takes reading the entire post rather than just looking at what you can get for free, you didn't see it...that's a tad rude of some of you, she asked to be EMAILED, not having requests added to the post.

1. If you would like to participate in testing, reviewing and giving away a leading brand skincare products, please email me: DISCOVERY4 @ MAC.COM

nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 said...


Sent off an email!

mmbear said...

Would love to do this if it is still an option. A friend saw this and emailed to me because she knows I review alot of skincare items. Would love to do this if it is still available.


shannon said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity, I got my package yesterday and will have my review ready on Monday to get this done in time before the 31st.