Monday, June 27, 2011

Plant Based Food Group Supports Lower Obesity Rates Among Children

Just a quick note to everybody who follows and watched what's going on with the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.

A new research was just published reporting that those kids whose diet was dominated by plant-based foods were on the lowest grid to become obese later in life.

The major points of this study are:

1. Specific plant-based foods play a significant role in preventing childhood and adulthood obesity
2. Consumption of Full fat dairy products may lead to higher rates of obesity in kids, and therefore, in adults later

What to do?

1. Add more vegetables and fruit into your kid's daily diet
2. Consume Low fat dairies as they are still necessary for the child's growth, but with less fat in them

One more thing for you, my dear women, to know about and remember.

Celebrate Your Healthy Chidlren Today!

1. Gray, Nathan. Plant Based Diet May Reduce Childhood Obesity: Study